Will of William Berry

I, William Berry, being in my propper state of mind and viewing the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death, do hereby make this my last will and testament, revoking and making all other wills heretofore made null and void.

First, after all necessary funeral expences are paid, I will to my wife Lucinda, one bead, beadstead and necessary funrnature - one side saddle and bridle, one spinning wheel and one check reel.

Second, I will all my lands and all other property I may die posest of to be sold on such times as my executor may think to be the best interest to my heirs and the moneys ariseing from the sale of the property, and debts due me when collected together with what money I may die possest of - to be disposed of in the following manner.

First I wisht, all my just debts to be paid and the balance and residue to be equally divided between my wife Lucinda, and my children, to wit, William A., John W., Peggy, wife of Nathaniel Horton, the children or bodily heirs of Rebecca Alexander who is dead, her children to have one heirs part out of my estate, Joseph G., James E. and Sarah A. E. wife of David Greeson, and Nancy E. wife of Franklin Cole. I will and wish that what ever may be going to my daughter Rebecca, who is now dead, to go to her bodily heirs equally, and to be paid to each of them on their arrival at the age of twenty one years, to be paid to them by my executor.

I hereby appoint my son John W. Berry, my executor to carry out this my last will and testament given under my hand and seal this the 18th day of September 1866.

William X(his mark) Berry

Signed, sealed and acknowledged in our presents this the 18th day of September 1866. John H. Cole, Matthew J. S_____, Sr.