Conrad Varner

Conrad Varner was the son of Adam Varner and Christina R. (last name unknown). (She appears on some IGI records as Christina Rexroad.) Information varies on Conrad's date of birth. We believe he was born 1765 to 1770.

Conrad married Mary Ann Eye on January 2, 1792, in Pendleton County, Virginia (now West Virginia). Mary Ann Eye was born about 1775, in Pendleton County, Virginia, the daughter of Christopher S. Eye and Catherine Zorn.

 Micki Connelly shows in her book that Conrad had land surveyed at Flesher's Run in November 1792. Records we found on-line show Conrad was granted a land patent on 154 acres of land at Flesher's Run in 1799.

Conrad is named in a list of tithables in Pendleton County in March 1797. His family shows one white tithable. His taxable property was two horses.

Conrad moved to Kentucky prior to 1800. He appears on the 1800 Bourbon County, Kentucky tax list, along with his brothers Adam, Jr. and Jacob.

Conrad and his family appear on the 1820 Harrison County, Kentucky census. The census shows one male over 45; two males 16-25; one male 10-15; one male under 10; one female over 45; and one female 16-25 years old.

Pendleton County deeds show Conrad sold his land in Pendleton County in 1829 to Henry Wilfong. Conrad then moved his family to Indiana.

The 1830 Indiana census shows Conrad's family living in Spencer County. The census shows one male age 70-80; two males 30-40; one male 15-20; one male 10-15; one male 5-10; one female 60-70; and one female 10-15 years old.

 Conrad and his sons Jacob, John, Joseph, Nicholas and Paul are listed on the 1840 Spencer County census, living near each other.

Children of Conrad Varner and Mary Eye

1. Adam Varner, b. abt 1794, Pendleton Co, VA; d. 1879, Spencer Co, IN; m. Nelly Jolly on Nov 17, 1814, Harrison Co, KY

2. Nicholas Varner, b. abt 1796, Pendleton Co, VA; d. Aug 1850, Spencer Co, IN; m. Miranda Beckett on Feb 19, 1819, Harrison Co, KY

3. Jacob Varner, b. Feb 1798, KY; d. Jan 15, 1842, Spencer Co, IN; m. Frances Egnew on Mar 8, 1824, Harrison Co, KY

4. John Varner, b. Apr 3, 1799, KY; d. Jan 25, 1882, Spencer Co, IN; m. Eleanor Egnew on Mar 8, 1824, Harrison Co, KY

5. Joseph Varner, b. abt 1801, KY; m. Mary Proser on Mar 3, 1828, Spencer Co, IN; m. Mrs. America Emeline Hagan on May 23, 1850, Spencer Co, IN

6. Elizabeth Varner, b. abt 1803, KY; m. James Egnew on July 15, 1821, Harrison Co, KY

7. Thomas Varner, b. Sept 2, 1809, KY; d. Nov 14, 1869, Spencer Co, IN; m. Cassena Edwards on Dec 20, 1832, Spencer Co, IN

8. Paul Varner, b. Jan 25, 1810, KY; m. Nancy Cooper on May 14, 1837, Spencer Co, IN