Will of Edward Maxey II

Goochland County, Virginia
Deeds and Wills Book 3, pages 298-299

In the name of God Amen. I Edward Maxey of Goochland County being at this present writing in perfect senses and memory and knowing the uncertainty of this mortal life, do make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form as followeth.

First I bequeath my Sole into the hand of Almighty God from whom I receiv'd my first breth and my Body to the earth from whome I was first taken, to be buried at the discretion of my Executors hereafter named, and as to what tembral estate God hath been pleased to bestow on me, I give and bequeath as followeth.

First I give unto my Son John Maxey, one parsal of land lying on the north branch of Jones Creek as a line struck as followeth, beginning at the bark line a corner Clark oak, a corner pine and a pick hikeey (?), from then to the mouth of Schoolhouse Branch to a corner popler and a black gume, from thence down the maine branch to a corner Clark gume, I give and bequeath to the foresaid John Maxey in dureing his life and after his desese to his two sons Samson Maxey and Edward Maxey, the sons of John Maxey and Sarah his wife, and in case one of them dyes the other to poses the hole parcel of land otherways to be equal devided between them two, them and thare ares forever.

I give to my Son William Maxey the remander of that track of land, it joning upon William Sansdon and John Smith, to him and his ares forever.

I give to my loveing Wife Susannah, the land she now lives upon and plantation during her mortal life after her descese the hole track to be devided between my two sons Walter and Silvanus, to them and thare ares forever. My will is that thay may live on the said land not melistingue my Wife aforesaid. My son Walter to have that part joining upon John Radfords line which was William Barnes.

I give to my Son Nathaniel one fether bed and bolster.

I give my Grandaughter Susannah Radford, one fether bed and bolster.

I give to John Dunkin a young mare of three years old when the said John Dunkin doth come of age.

And all the other of my Estate, both reull and parsoul, after my deats and feneril charges paid, I give to my loveing Wife and to hur disbosinge and I make and consecute my loveing Wife Susannah and my Son William Execetors of this my last Will and in witness whareof I have set to my hand and fixed my seale ye 18 day of April 1737.

Edward Maxey

John Caper, Henry Bryon, Joh Mossom

At a court held for Goochland County, May 20th 1740

(This will was proved by the Oaths of John Mossom and John Capper to be the act and deed of Edward Maxey, dese'd which was ordered to be recorded.)