Regina Elizabeth Varner

Regina Elizabeth Varner was the daughter of Adam Varner and Christina R. (last name unknown). (She appears on some IGI records as Christina Rexroad.) Information varies on Regina's date of birth. We believe she was born 1782 to 1784.

Regina married Jacob Wilfong on May 6, 1800 in Pendleton County, Virginia. Her father consented for her to marry, so we assume she was under 18 at the time.

Jacob Wilfong was born about 1760-1768, the son of George Michael Wilfong and Sophia Catherine Veitheim. Jacob married Mary McCorkle on January 3, 1786, in Botetourt County, Virginia. They had two children, Elizabeth, born in 1789, and George Michael, born in 1793. The couple adopted a son Henry, born about 1785. Mary died between the birth of her son in 1793 and Jacob's marriage to Regina in 1800.

Jacob's family appears on the 1810 Pendleton County census as one male over 45; one male 16-25; three males under 10; one female 26-45; two females 10-15; and two females under 10 years old.

Jacob died prior to June 1838. He signed a will that was probated August 7, 1834 and proven June 8, 1838, in Pendleton County. In the will his son-in-law, Jacob Wilfong, husband of his daughter Mary Margaret is not to have a share of the estate.

Children of Jacob Wilfong and Regina Varner

1. Mary Margaret Wilfong, b. abt 1801, Pendleton Co, VA; d. Pocahontas Co, VA; m. Jacob Wilfong on Aug 21, 1819, Pendleton Co.

2. Sarah Wilfong, b. abt 1802, Pendleton Co, VA; m. Henry Stone

3. Susannah Wilfong, b. abt 1802, Pendleton Co, VA; d. IL; m. Jesse Nelson on Nov 12, 1821, Pendleton Co.

4. John Wilfong, b. Pendleton Co, VA

5. Adam Wilfong, b. Pendleton Co, VA; m. Susannah Croushorn on Mar 17, 1828, Pendleton Co.

6. Jacob Wilfong, b. Pendleton Co, VA; m. Eliza Nelson on Aug 27, 1829, Pendleton Co.

7. Noah Wilfong, b. abt 1808, Pendleton Co, VA; d. aft 1870, Bath Co, VA; m. Martha Pritt on Sept 2, 1828, Bath Co, VA, then Ann Pritt on June 8, 1841, Bath Co.

8. Abel Wilfong, b. abt 1812, Pendleton Co, VA; m. Sarah Waggy on June 5, 1833, Pendleton Co.

9. Eli Wilfong, b. Apr 7, 1817, Pendleton Co, VA; m. Amanda Miller

10. Amanda Wilfong, b. abt 1820, Pendleton Co, VA; d. Jan 9, 1894, Pendleton Co; m. Job Nelson on Dec 20, 1838, Pendleton Co.

11. Zebulon Wilfong, b. abt 1823, Pendleton Co, VA; m. Elizabeth Swartz on May 16, 1843, Pendleton Co.

12. Catherine Wilfong, b. abt 1826, Pendleton Co, VA; m. Elijah J. Nelson on Jan 17, 1847, Pendleton Co.