Virginia Jane H. Branham

Virginia Jane H. "Jenny" Branham was born February 3, 1838, in Blount County, Alabama.    She was the daughter of William Branham and Arenna R. (last name unknown).     We believe she had an aunt, Hannah Jane "Jennie" Branham Tidwell, for whom she was named.     (Note: We have not found either Jennie Branham Tidwell or Jane H. Branham listed as Virginia in any records, but we assume Virginia was part of both their name since they were both called "Jenney" or "Jennie".)      We believe Jane's name was probably either Virginia H. Jane or H. Virginia Jane.    We also believe the H. stood for Hannah.    This is all speculation, however.

Jane appears on the 1840 Blount County census as a female under the age of 5 years.    She was listed as Jenny, age 14, on the 1850 Blount County census.

Jane married William H. Farley on May 3, 1857, in Blount County.    William Farley was born about 1840, in Alabama.    He may have been the son of Rev. William Farley, born 1803, in South Carolina and Ruth Hately, born about 1810, in North Carolina.     The William Farley family appears on the 1850 and 1860 Blount County census living not far from the William Branham family.   

It appears that either William and Jane divorced or William died prior to 1860.    The 1860 Blount County census, Eastern Subdivision, shows Jane H. Farley, head of the household, 22, and Joab H. Farley, 2 months old, born in Alabama.     Jane was living in the household between her sister Susanna Hill and her parents, William and Arenna.    The 1860 census shows Jane's personal property was  valued at $100.     We did not locate William Farley on the 1860 census.

(Note: Blount County marriage books show that William Farley Jr. married Martha Whited on October 28, 1862.    There is also a record of the marriage of William Farley and Lucinda Branham on February 26, 1867.    Lucinda Branham was the daughter of James William Branham who appeared in Blount County just prior to 1855.     It appears that William Farley died or he and Lucinda divorced soon after their marriage, because we found the marriage record of Lucinda Farley and John Smith on January 5, 1870.    We do not know if William Farley who   married Martha Whited was the same William Farley who married Lucinda Branham.     Nor do we know if he was the same William Farley who married Jane Branham.)  

 Jane's father, William, moved his family to Searcy County, Arkansas, in 1860 or 1861, and then to Illinois between 1862 and 1865.     It appears that Jane and her young son traveled with them, as Jane wound up in Illinois prior to 1870.     She remained in Illinois in 1868, when her parents returned to Alabama.

The 1870 Macon County, Illinois, census shows Jane Farley, 32, and her son, Joab, age 10, living in Decatur Township, next door to her sister Lucinda Adaline (Branham) Gloden and her family.    Jane's personal property was valued at $100 on the census.

Jane married Franklin Dominek Gloden on January 5, 1871, at Decatur, in Macon County.

  Frank D. Gloden was born about 1846, in Luxembourg, according to census records.      We believe he was the son of John Gloden and Mary Stomuel, who were both born in Luxembourg, and a brother to Michael Gloden who married Jane's sister Lucinda Branham.   

Immigration records show that Dominic Gloden, age 23, of German nationality, arrived in the United States at the Port of New York, State of New York on March 16, 1869 on the ship Britannia.  His place of origin was Germany.      His Port of Departure was Glasgow, Scotland and Londonderry, Ireland. 

Dominic Golden, age 25, born in Germany, was listed on the 1870 New York City, New York census.    He was living in a rooming house with several other German and foreign immigrants.     He was listed as a hatter on the census.     We believe this was our Franklin Dominek.     (Note: We found that the most common misspellings of the Gloden surname in early records were Golden and Gladden.)

Soon after the 1870 census, Frank Gloden settled in Decatur Township of Macon County, Illinois, with his brother Michael Gloden, who was married to Jane's sister Lucinda.    Frank and Jane were married soon after his arrival at the home of his brother.    They may have corresponded for some time before he immigrated to America.   

 The 1880 Macon County, Decatur Township census shows Frank D. Gloden, 33, farmer, b. Luxemburg, father b. Luxemburg, mother b. Luxemburg; and Jane H., 41, wife, b. AL, father b. GA, mother b. NC.    They were living next to Michael Gloden, his children, and his second wife.    (Jane's sister Lucinda died in 1878, and Michael had remarried.)      Jane's son, Joe Farley, was not on the census with his mother.  

On August 2, 1882, Frank Gloden filed a Declaration of his Intention with the County Court of the County of Macon, State of Illinois to "become a Citizen of the United States; and to renounce forever all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign Prince, Potentate, State or Sovereignty whatever, and particularly to the King of Luxemburg whereof I was heretofore a citizen or subject."

On September 19, 1882, in the Matter of the Naturalization of Frank D. Gloden, there appeared before the County Court of the County of Macon, State of Illinois "the aforesaid, Frank D. Gloden, an alien, above the age of twenty-one years, and applied to the said Court to be _____ to become a Naturalized Citizen of the United States of America, pursuant to the several Acts of Congress heretofore passed on that subject; and the said Frank D. Gloden having thereupon produced to the Court record testimony showing that he has heretofore reported himself and filed his Declaration of his Intention to become a Citizen of the United States, according to the provisions of the said several Acts of Congress, and the Court being satisfied, as well from the oath of the said Frank D. Gloden as from the testimony of _____ Moll? and Cyrus Miller wherein ____ do be citizens of the United States, that the said Frank D. Gloden has resided within the limits and under the ____ of the United States for at least five years last past, and at least one year last past within the State of Illinois, and that during the whole of that time he has behaved himself .......... and the said Frank D. Gloden be permitted to take the oath to support the Constitution of the United States and the usual oath ..... to ____ all allegiance and fidelity to every foreign Prince, Potentate, State or Sovereignty whatever, and more particularly to the King of Luxemburg whereof he was heretofore a citizen or subject......" and Franklin Dominek Gloden became a Naturalized Citizen of the United States.     (Note: Immigration passenger records and the 1910 census both show that Frank immigrated to the U.S. in 1869.)

The 1900 Macon County census, Whitmore Township, shows Franklin Gloden, b. Aug 1846, 53, married 42 years, b. Germany, father b. Germany, mother b. Germany, a farmer who owned his farm free; and Jahn H., wife, b. Feb 1838, 62, married 42 years, had given birth to 1 child, 1child still living, b. AL, father b. GA, mother b. NC.     They were still living next to Michael Gloden's family.

Frank and Jane owned property in Macon County.     An affidavit signed by Frank Gloden on November 2, 1904 and filed in the State of Illinois, County of Macon, says "Dominick Gloden being lawfully sworn deposes and says that he is fifty-eight years of age and an actual resident of said County and State.    Affiant further states that certain premises situated in the County of Macon and State of Illinois and described as follows, to-wit: The South East Quarter of the South West Quarter of Section Thirty-three in Township Seventeen North, Range Three East of the Third Principal Meridian is the homestead of this affiant.     Affiant further states that he obtained title thereto by certain deeds recorded in the Conveyance Records of Macon County, Illinois as follows: one deed in Book 64, Page 298; one deed in Book 90, at Page 526; and one deed in Book 91 at Page 268; and that he took possession of said described premises at the dates of said deeds respectively; and that he has remained in the possession thereof continuously and that his possession was open, exclusive and adverse to that of all other persons.     (This affidavit was probably signed at the time they sold their property, prior to moving to Arkansas.)

 Frank and Jane left Macon County and moved to Arkansas between November 2, 1904 and about 1910.     They appear on the 1910 Searcy County, Arkansas, census in Wiley's Cove Township, near Leslie.    The census shows Frank Gloden, 64, married 1 time for 39 years, b. Germany, father b. Germany, mother b. Germany, immigrated 1869, owned his home; and Jane H., 72, married 2 times, married 39 years on 2nd marriage, b. AL, father b. GA, mother b. NC, had given birth to 1 child, 1 child still living.   

Jane died January 1, 1915, at Leslie in Searcy County.     Her death certificate lists the cause of death as rheumatic fever with senility the secondary cause.     She was listed as 76 years old on the death certificate.     Jane is buried in Elberta Cemetery near Leslie.     Her grave is unmarked.

Frank married Mrs. Josephine Sarah (Henderson) Honeycutt on March 5, 1915, in Bloomington, McLean County, Illinois.     Josephine Sarah Henderson had first married a Snow, then a Honeycutt.     The marriage certificate (provided by Obeta Wyckoff) shows that Frank and Josie were both residents of Leslie, Searcy County, Arkansas.     We can only assume that they returned to Illinois to be married so that family members living in Illinois could attend the wedding.      Frank's niece, Mary J. Gaines and her husband William M. Gaines, signed the marriage certificate as witnesses.

Frank Gloden died February 12, 1916, at Leslie.     His death certificate lists the cause of death as cardiac insufficiency with dropsey the secondary cause.     He was listed as 68 years old on the death certificate.     Frank is buried in Elberta Cemetery near Leslie.     His grave is unmarked.

Frank and Jane had no children.  

Child of William Farley and Jane Branham

1. Joseph H. Farley was born May 1860, in Blount Co, AL.