Margaret Scypeart

Margaret Scypeart was born June 22, 1716, in Germany, the daughter of Larrance Scypeart and Margaret (last name unknown).

The Scypeart family immigrated to America about 1725 to 1735. They settled in Pennsylvania.

We do not know if Larrance and Margaret were Quakers, but from Quaker records, we know that their daughter Margaret became a Quaker.

Margaret married Peter Stout on June 12, 1739, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Peter Stout was a Quaker. He was born April 14, 1715, in Newcastle County, Delaware, the son of Samuel Stout and Margaret (last name unknown).

Margaret and Peter raised their family in Pennsylvania. They moved to Orange County, North Carolina sometime after 1761.

Margaret died October 21, 1799, in Orange County. She is buried at Cane Creek Meeting House in Orange County. Peter died August 29, 1802, in Orange County. He is also buried at Cane Creek Meeting House.

Children of Peter Stout and Margaret Scypeart

1. Samuel Stout, b. Apr 10, 1740, Lancaster Co, PA

2. Charles Stout, b. Mar 29, 1742, Lancaster Co, PA

3. Margaret Stout, b. July 27, 1744, York Co, PA

4. Joseph Stout, b. June 28, 1749, York Co, PA

5. Peter Stout, Jr., b. June 9, 1754, York Co, PA

6. Elizabeth Stout, b. Nov 25, 1757, York Co, PA

7. Rachel Stout, b. Feb 28, 1761, York Co, PA; m. William Morrow about 1780, Orange Co, NC