Nancy Bridgman

Nancy Bridgman was born about 1785, in Henrico County, Virginia.    She was the daughter of Franklin Bridgman and his first wife (name unknown).

At this time we know little about Nancy.     The following was filed in Campbell County, Tennessee Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions (pgs. 70-71):

Know all men by these presents that we, John Brown and Nancy Bridgman of the County of Wythe and State of Virginia have made authorized etc. etc. and do by these presents etc. etc. Hezekiah Bridgman of County, State aforesaid my true and lawful attorney for us and in our names and for our use to ask, demand, sue for, recover and receive of the Admr. or administrators of the estate of Martha David, deceased all such sums of money and property as we may be entitled to as heirs of the said Martha David, deceased and in default of payment thereof to have use and take all lawful ways & means for recovery of the same and on receipt thereof acquittences as other sufficient discharges for the same for us in our name to seal & deliver and do all lawful acts and things whatsoever concerning the premises fully in every respect, as we might do if we were personally present.    In witness whereof we have hereunto subscribed our names and affixed our seals, this 28th day of January 1828.

                                                                                       John Brown   (Seal)


                                                                                                       Nancy  X  Bridgman   (Seal)


Wythe County towit:

We, Robert Crockett and John M. Crockett acting justices in the county aforesaid in the state of Virginia, do hereby certify that John Brown & Nancy Bridgman personally appeared before us and acknowledged the above power of attorney to be their act and Deed.     Given under our hands and seals this 28th day of Jany. 1828.

                                                                                        Robert Crocket   (Seal)

                                                                                        John Crockett   (Seal)