Van Buren County, Arkansas
Probate Court -- October Term

Now on this day came here in court William H. Goff and John H. Goff, executors of the last will and testament of Jesse W. C. Goff, deceased, and showed to the Court here that at the July term of this Court A.D. 1859, they filed this petition to reinstate their bond as such executors, and it appearing to the Court here that Daniel Griggs and John L. Gattes their securities had been duly served with notice as required by law and said securities appeared in this own proper person and made oath that they were unwilling to stand their security and wished to be released it as ordered by the Court, that they go hence without delay and thereupon from the said William Goff and John H. Goff entered into bond with Samuel Goff, William Johnson and Squire Freeman, which bond was approved by the Court.

Now on this day it was ordered by the court that Stephen McClure and his is hereby appointed Guardian of Jesse M. Goff, Wilson Z. Goff, Nancy Goff, Elizabeth Goff, Emily Perline Goff, minor heirs of Jesse W. C. Goff, deceased, and entered into bond here in from court which was approved of by the court previous to this being made a matter of record.