Peter Varner

Peter Varner was the son of Adam Varner and Christina R. (last name unknown). (She appears on some IGI records as Christina Rexroad.) Information varies on Conrad's date of birth. We believe he was born 1765 to 1770.

It is thought that Peter married and produced children prior to his marriage to Anna Cook, who was born about 1781, in Highland County, Virginia, the daughter of John S. Cook. Some records indicate Peter and Anna married about 1811. This may be based on the 1810 Pendleton County, Virginia census.

Children of Peter Varner

1. Jacob Varner, b. abt 1805, VA; d. 1850-1860; m. Elizabeth Varner on Sept 25, 1833

2. Daniel Varner, b. abt 1806, VA; d. May 12, 1881

3. Susan Varner, b. abt 1808, VA; m. Samuel Whiting on Mar 19, 1833, Pendleton Co, VA

4. Zebulon Henry Varner ?

Children of Peter Varner and Anna Cook

5. David Varner, b. abt 1812, VA; d. Nov 27, 1888, Highland Co, VA; m. Sarah Rexroad on Dec 13, 1836, Pendleton Co, VA

6. Sarah Varner, b. abt 1814, VA; m. Michael Rexroad on July 27, 1837, Pendleton Co, VA

7. Joseph Varner, b. abt 1817, VA; m. Mary Snyder on Feb 9, 1837, Pendleton Co, VA