Robert S. McClure

Robert S. McClure was born about 1828/29, in Clinton County, Illinois. Census records show his place of birth to be Kentucky, but we found the family in Illinois from 1825 through 1836/37. Robert was the son of Stephen McClure and Sarah Smith.

Robert appears on the 1830 Clinton County, Illinois, census as a male under the age of five years. He was about eight when his family moved to Arkansas in 1836/37.

Robert appears on the 1840 Conway County, Arkansas, census in Hardin Township, near Greenbrier. He is listed as a male between the age of 5 and 10.

Robert first appears on the Conway County tax books in 1848, when he assessed a horse for taxation. The horse was valued at $25.

In 1849, Robert's father acquired 160 acres of land near Quitman, in Benton Township of Conway County, and moved the family from the Greenbrier area where they had lived for several years.

In 1850, Robert paid a poll tax in Conway County, so that he could vote. The 1850 Conway County census, Benton Township, Quitman Post Office shows Robert, age 22, single, born in Kentucky, living at home with his parents.

Robert assessed a horse for taxation again in 1852, in Conway County. The horse was valued at $25. He is listed as R. S. McClure on the tax book.

Conway County tax records for 1855, show Robert assessed taxes on two horses valued at $100 and seven head of cattle valued at $80.

Robert acquired 40 acres of land in Section 17, Township 6N, Range 14W, in Conway County in late 1855 or early 1856. This property was located about 3 miles east-northeast of the present day site of the town of Menifee, in Conway County.

In 1857, Robert paid taxes on his 40 acres of land valued at $120; three horses valued at $150 and thirteen head of cattle valued at $104.

We have no further record of Robert. He does not appear on the 1860 Conway County census. We found a Robert McClure in Drew County on the 1860 census. Records indicate he was killed November 25, 1863, in the Civil War in the battle of Missionary Ridge in Tennessee. We do not know if this was our Robert.