Delemore Burvel Cargile

Delemore Burvel Cargile was born 1812, in Christian County, Kentucky.   He was the son of John Cargill, III and Nancy Elizabeth Lewis.

Delemore married Mary Margaret Plant about 1834, in Kentucky. Mary Plant was born about 1814, in South Carolina, the daughter of William H. Plant and Mary (last name unknown).

Delemore moved his family to Arkansas about 1837, with several other families. He appears on the 1840 Conway County, Arkansas census in Hardin Township near Greenbrier (now in Faulkner County), living near his brother Edward. The census shows two males 20-30; one male 15-20; two males under 5; and one female 20-30.

The 1850 Conway County census shows the family in Benton Township, near Quitman (now in Cleburne County). The census shows D.B., 38, a farmer, born in Kentucky; Margaret, 36, born in South Carolina; Charles, 14, born in Kentucky; William, 11, born in Arkansas; Sabre, 8, born in Arkansas; Dennis, 5, born in Arkansas and Nancy, 1, born in Arkansas. Living with the family was Delemore's sister, Nancy Jane Cargile, 22, born in Kentucky. Living next to Delemore was his brother Robert Cargile.  Several other Cargile families lived in that area.

Mary died between 1855-1859, at Quitman.   Several members of the Cargile family died during that time frame.

  Delemore married Elizabeth (last name unknown) prior to 1860. Census records indicate Elizabeth was born about 1822, in Tennessee.

The 1860 Conway County census, Benton Township, shows D. B., 48; Elizabeth, 38; Thomas M., 23; W. L., 20; Sabry M., 17; Dennis S. 15; Nansy A., 10 and John B., 5 years old.  The census shows that Delemore owned real property valued at $1600 and had personal property valued at $700.  Living nearby was Delemore's brother William Cargile.

The family appears on the 1870 Conway County census, still living near Quitman in Benton Township. The census shows Burvil, 58; Elizabeth, 48; Nancy, 20 and John 16 years old.  Living with them was Delemore's sister, Nancy Cargil, 38, a domestic servant, born in Kentucky.  Living next to Delemore was his son Dennis Cargile.  Living nearby was Delemore's brother Nenion Cargile.

Delemore died about 1876, at Springfield, in Conway County, Arkansas.

Children of Delemore Cargile and Mary Plant

1. Charles Thomas Matthew Cargile, b. abt 1836, KY; d. 1862-1865 in the Civil War

2. William L. "Bud" Cargile, b. abt 1839, AR; d. 1862-1865 in the Civil War

3. Sabre M. Cargile, b. abt 1842, Conway Co, AR; m. Robert Forrester on Feb 6, 1862, Conway Co.    Children included: (1) Lucy A. Forrester, b. abt 1866; (2) Morton T. Forrester, b. abt 1868; (3) Carroll D. Forrester, b. May 1871; (4) John D. Forrester, b. abt 1872; (5) Robert T. Forrester, b. abt 1874 and (6) Samuel M. Forrester, b. abt 1878

4. Dennis Stell Cargile, b. 1845, Quitman, Conway Co, AR

5. Marvin Cargile, b. abt 1847, Quitman, Conway Co, AR; d. 1847-1849, Quitman

6. Mary Cargile, b. abt 1848, Quitman, Conway Co, AR; d. 1848-1849, Quitman

7. Nancy Ann Cargile, b. abt 1850, Quitman, Conway Co, AR; m. Robert G. Dunaway on Oct 29, 1871, Conway Co.   Children included: (1) Robert S. Dunaway, b. abt 1873; (2) John H. Dunaway, b. abt 1875; (3) Sabra E. Dunaway, b. abt 1877; (4) Claude Edgar Dunaway, b. Apr 1879; (5) Edna M. Dunaway, b. Apr 1879; d. young; (6) Unknown Dunaway, b. abt 1881; d. young; (7) Unknown Dunaway, b. abt 1883; d. young and (8) Emma B. Dunaway, b. June 1884

8. Laura Cargile, b. abt 1853, Quitman, Conway Co, AR; d. 1853-1859, Quitman

9. John B. Cargile, b. July 1854, Quitman, Conway Co, AR; d. May 9, 1928, Faulkner Co, AR; m. Ellen M. ____ abt 1885.   Children included: (1) Unknown Cargile, b. abt 1886; (2) Unknown Cargile, b. abt 1888; (3) Edna Cargile, b. Mar 1890; (4) Willis C. Cargile, b. Aug 1892; (5) John R. Cargile, b. July 1894; (6) Unknown Cargile, b. abt 1896; d. bef 1900; (7) Nancy E. Cargile, b. abt 1898 and (8) Essa E. Cargile, Mar 1900