My Harmon family originated in England.    The surname Harmon is the English surname (of Norman origin) of the Germanic surname of Herman.   Harman is also the French surname of the Germanic Herman surname.   It is an occupational surname meaning "army man" or "warrior".    In England, the surname may have first been recorded in the Suffolk area, and was a common name not only in Suffolk, but also in the counties of York, Warwick, Oxford, Kent, Sussex, and Stafford.

Early immigration records show numerous listings for the Harmon surname.   Immigrants from England began arriving in America in the early to mid 1600's.    Among the earliest immigrants were William Harmon who immigrated to Jamestown, Virginia, in 1633; John Harmon who immigrated to Virginia in 1639; Andrew Harmon who immigrated to Virginia in 1650; and George Harmon who immigrated to Maryland in 1651.    A 1634 passenger list from England to America included one Thomas Harmon, Vicar of Headcorn.

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Although it has not yet been proven, I believe my 3rd great grandfather was George Harmon, who was born about 1798, possibly in Kentucky.    He married my 3rd great grandmother, Minerva Gentry, on February 28, 1824, in Gibson County, Indiana. 

Minerva Gentry was born about 1798, in South Carolina, the daughter of (first name unknown) Gentry (born prior to 1775; died prior to 1820, probably in Indiana) and Elander (maiden name unknown), who was also born prior to 1775.     We know that Minerva had a brother, Reason Gentry, who was born about 1789, in South Carolina. 

The 1820 Gibson County, Indiana census shows Elander Gentry, a female  45 or over (b. 1775 or bef); one male 26-44 (b. 1776-1794) (Reason); 3 males 16-25 (b. 1795-1804 - one of them b. 1802-1804); two males 10-15 (b. 1805-1810); one male under 10 (b. 1811-1820); one female 16-25 (b. 1795-1804) (Minerva) and one female under 10 (1811-1820).    Listed on the next page was John Gentry, a male  26-44 (b. 1776-1794) and one female 26-44 (b. 1776-1794).  

The 1830 Gibson County, Indiana census shows George Harman a male 30-39 (b. 1791-1800); one male 5-9 (b. 1821-1825) (Jesse); two males under 5 (b. 1826-1830) (Wilson & John L.); one female 30-39 (b. 1791-1800) (Minerva) and two females under 5 (b. 1826-1830) (Sarah Ann & Elizabeth).

 Minerva's brother Reason Gentry, her mother and some of her siblings were living in Posey County, Indiana, in 1830.    The census shows Reason Gentry, a male 30-39 (b. 1791-1800); one female 50-59 (b. 1771-1780) (Elander); one female 20-29 (b. 1801-1810) and one female 15-19 (b. 1811-1815).

George Harmon died between 1833 and 1840, in Indiana. 

By 1840, Minerva's mother and brother, Reason, were living with Minerva's family.   The 1840 Posey County, Indiana census shows Minerva Harmon, a female 40-49 (b. 1791-1800); one male 50-59 (b. 1781-1790) (Minerva's brother Reason); two males 15-19 (b. 1821-1825) (Wilson & John L. Harmon); one male 10-14 (b. 1826-1830) (may be Martin Gentry); one male 5-9 (b. 1831-1840) (James Harmon); one female 70-79 (b. 1761-1770) (Minerva's mother Elander Gentry) and two females 10-14 (b. 1826-1830) (Sarah Ann & Elizabeth Harmon).

Minerva's mother, Elander Gentry died prior to 1850, in Indiana.  

Minerva was enumerated twice on the 1850 Indiana census.   On September 11, she was listed on the 1850 Gibson County census in Montgomery Township.   The census shows Minerva Hamon, 53, b. SC; Eliza A., 19; James, 17, farmer; Martin Gentry, 27, farmer, b. IN; Jacob Ruports, 8, b. IN and Reason Gentry, 61, laborer, b. SC.

On October 3, Minerva was listed on the 1850 Gibson County census in Wabash Township, living with her son Jesse.  The census shows Jessie W. Harman, 25, farmer; Matilda, 22; John J., 1; Reason Gentry, 65, laborer, b. SC; Mernerva Harmon, 55, b. SC; Elisabeth E. Harman, 22; James Harmon, 19, farmer; and Jacob Ruphets, 11 years old. 

  Listed in the same area of Gibson County in 1850 was the family of John T. Cantrell.    Listed with the Cantrell family was Minerva's son, Wilson Harman, 22, farmer. 

Listed next to the Cantrell family in Wabash Township was Wilson's brother John Harmon.    The census shows John L. Harmon, 22, farmer; Jemiza, 23; Eliza J., 1; Mary Ann Frazier, 15; Levi J. Embry, 25, farmer; Juliza Embry, 28; Sarah E. Embry, 3 and James McCalister, 30, farmer, born in Ireland.

The 1860 Wabash County, Illinois census shows Reason Gentry, 75, laborer; Menerva Harmon, 60; Elizabeth Harmon, 25 and James Allen Harmon, 23, farmer.   Listed next to them was the family of John L. Harmon.

The 1870 Wabash County, Illinois census shows Minerva living with her son James.    The census shows James Harmon, 34, farmer, $800 real property, $500 personal property; Elizabeth, 25; Melissa, 6; Ellen, 4; Eliza, 6 months, b. Dec. and Minerva Harmon, 77 years old. 

Minerva died prior to 1880, probably in Wabash County. 

Children of George Harmon and Minerva Gentry

1.  Jesse W. Harmon, b. abt 1825, Gibson Co, IN; d. aft 1880; m. Matilda Jordan  on Nov 30, 1848, Gibson Co.  Matilda Jordan, b. abt 1828, IN; d. bet 1862-Sept 1863, Gibson Co, IN; dau. of Eliba Jordan and Dicey ___.  (Matilda's brother Alfred m. Jesse's sister Sarah.)  Children included: (1) John J. Harmon, b. 1849; (2) Mary J. Harmon, b. 1852; (3) Alford Harmon, b. 1859 and (4) Charles Harmon, b. 1862-Sept 1863.   Jesse m. Martha ____ abt 1869, IN.  Martha was b. abt 1838, IN.  Children included: (5) Moses Harmon, b. 1872 and (6) Emily Harmon, b. 1874.   The family appears in Gibson Co, IN in 1850, 1860 and 1870 and in Wabash Co, IL in 1880.   The Civil War Draft Registration list for the 1st Congressional District of Indiana shows Jesse W. Harmon, 38, farmer, single, born in Indiana, registered in Wabash Twp, Gibson Co, IN on Sept 30, 1863.  (By this, we know that Matilda died prior to that date and Jesse had not remarried at that time.)

2.  Wilson "Wilse" Harmon, b. abt 1828, Gibson Co, IN    (my line)

3.  John Louis Harmon, b. abt 1828, Gibson Co, IN; d. 1865-1869; m. Jemiza (probably Frazier) abt 1848, Gibson Co.   Jemiza was b. abt 1827, MS.  Children included: (1) Eliza J. Harmon, b. 1849; d. bef 1860; (2) Julia E. Harmon, b. 1852; (3) Jesse Harmon, b. 1854; (4) Daniel Harmon, b. 1856; (5) George Harmon, b. 1858; d. bef 1870; (6) Charlott Harmon, b. 1860 and (7) Laura Harmon, b. 1864.  The family appears in Gibson Co, IN in 1850 and Wabash Co, IL in 1860.  Jemiza appears in Gibson Co, IN in 1870 after John's death.

4.  Sarah Ann P. Harmon, b. abt 1829, Gibson Co, IN; m. Alfred Jordan on Mar 14, 1850, Gibson Co.  Alfred Jordan, b. abt 1827, IN, was the son of Eliba Jordan and Dicey ____.  (Alfred's sister Matilda m. Sarah's brother, Jesse.)   The couple appears on the 1850 Gibson Co, IN census.  Living with them was Martha Gentry, 26 years old.  

5.  Elizabeth E. Harmon, b. abt 1830, Gibson Co, IN  (Appears in Gibson Co, IN in 1850 and Wabash Co, IL in 1860.)

6.  James Harmon, b. abt 1833, Gibson Co, IN; d. 1879, Wabash Co, IL; m. Elizabeth M. ____ abt 1862, Wabash Co.  Elizabeth was b. abt 1846, IL.  Children included: (1) Melissa Harmon, b. 1864; (2) Ellen Harmon, b. 1867; (3) Eliza Harmon, b. Dec 1869; (4) William L. Harmon, b. 1874 and (5) John Harmon, b. 1879.   The family appears in Wabash Co, IL in 1870.  Elizabeth m. William Laurelliott abt 1880, and appear on the 1880 Wabash Co, IL census. 


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