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This website is a labor of love for those who come after me and for those who have gone before me. It is as much for the memory of my ancestors as it is for the benefit of my children and grandchildren. Come join me as we travel into the past and into the lives of our Forefathers.

My husband (Roy) and I have been researching our family lines since before 1988 and have privately printed books on most of these families. I hope the information contained at this site will benefit others researching these family lines. I am not a professional genealogist and although I have researched much of the information found at this site, some of it was given to me by other researchers and may not have been documented. Each bit of information found here should be carefully researched and proved or disproved by you, the researcher. Researchers may copy information found at this site for their own personal use and to share with other researchers or genealogical organizations. Any commercial use or distribution without the written consent of this author is prohibited. My sincere thanks to the many researchers and family members who contributed information to me throughout the years.


Listed below are a few of the surnames in my direct family line.

  • McClanahan

Listed below are a few of the surnames in my husband's direct family line.

  • Taylor

Listed below are surnames I am researching for my brother-in-law.

Below are a few surnames with indirect family connections.

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The music you are hearing (if your browser allows) is If Tomorrow Never Comes which was recorded by Garth Brooks. This music has special meaning for us because our nephew, Steve McClure, was a member of Garth's band Stillwater for several years. 

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