The Keasling Family

(Note: On this page we have compiled the information made available to us concerning our line of the Keasling family.    We take no credit for this research.     We thank the many researchers for their hard work.    Among those researchers are Keith Smith, who has traveled to Germany and researched old records there; Michael E. Keesling; Mrs. Audrey Kemper Spence, who wrote The Keesling Family; and Harold Keesling who published 5 booklets on the family in the 1940's.)           

The Keasling family is of Germanic origin.    The German surname spelling is Kißling.    Other spellings found in old documents include Kesling, Kisling, Kiesling, Keesling, Keasler, and Kessel.

Also note that often two children in a family had the same name.     It was customary to name another child after one who had died.

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Our 9th great grandfather Ludwig Kissling was born about 1580, probably in Winterlingen, Balingen, Württemberg, Germany.     He married our 9th great grandmother Anna Koch about 1608.    Anna Koch was born about 1587, in Germany, the daughter of Michael Koch and Katherine Thussel.     Researcher Keith Smith listed him as a "smith" by trade.    Anna died prior to 1635, in Winterlingen.    Ludwig married Anna Remp on May 24, 1635.    Ludwig died about 1660, in Winterlingen.    Ludwig and Anna's children included Johannes Kissling.

Our 8th great grandfather Johannes Kissling was born in 1612 and christened July 4, 1612, in Winterlingen, Balingen, Württemberg, Germany.    He was known as "Old Hans".    He married our 8th great grandmother Anna Berner on September 23, 1630, in Winterlingen.    Anna Berner was born 1611, probably in Winterlingen, the daughter of Hans Berner.    Keith Smith listed Johannes as a "dyer and weaver" by trade.    Johannes died  February 1680, in Winterlingen.   Smith relates that an entry in church records states he was 67 years old when he died and was buried February 12, 1680, in Winterlingen.    Anna died May 1690, in Winterlingen.    Their children included Hans Johannes Kissling.

Our 7th great grandfather Hans Johannes Kissling was born in 1632 and christened April 26, 1632, in Winterlingen, Balingen, Württemberg, Germany.    He was known as "Young Hans" then "Old Hans" after his father died.    Hans Johannes married our 7th great grandmother Anna Schauter on December 4, 1673, in Winterlingen.    Anna Schauter was born in 1652 and christened December 9, 1652, in Winterlingen.    She was the daughter of Hans Schauter.    Keith Smith listed Hans Johannes Kissling a "weaver" by trade.    Anna died 1690, in Winterlingen.    Hans Johannes died there in 1693.    Their children included Johannes Kissling.

Our 6th great grandfather Johannes Kissling was born August 20, 1675, in Winterlingen, Balingen, Württemberg, Germany.    He married our 6th great grandmother Anna Richert on January 25, 1698, in Winterlingen.    Smith relates that the marriage date is recorded in the church records of the Evangelische Kirche (Evangelical Church) of Winterlingen.    Anna Richert was born about 1674, probably in Winterlingen.    She was the daughter of Hans Jerg Richert, born 1650, in Germany.   Smith listed Johannes Kissling as a Provisor (school superintedent).   His religion was Lutheran.    Anna died 1708, in Winterlingen.    Johannes died there before October 1719.    Their children included Hans Jakob Kissling.

Our 5th great grandfather Hans Jakob Kissling was born July 20, 1705, in Winterlingen, Balingen, Württemberg, Germany.    He was about seven years old when his mother died.    He moved to Truchtelfingen, Germany before 1726.    Truchtelfingen is located about 12 miles by road (or 6 miles by a straight path over the hills and through the woods) from Winterlingen.    In the early 1700's Winterlingen was a major town with a thriving weaving trade and Truchtelfingen was a much smaller agricultural village.    Hans Jakob married our 5th great grandmother Ursula Katharine Herter on October 29, 1726, in Truchtelfingen, Balingen, Württemberg, Germany.    Ursula Herter was born October 19, 1702, in Truchtelfingen.    She was the daughter of Hannes Herter (born 1664; died 1725) and Katharina Winkheer (born 1680; died 1702).    Hans Jakob Kissling died January 14, 1741, in Truchtelfingen.   Smith relates that "in his obit, Hans Jakob was referred to as "Praediger" which translates to preacher or minister and a "Burger" which translates as a citizen, but according to the church records he was not a clergy person.    His obit in the Truchtelfingen church burial records was considerably longer than any other obit in that year (most just listed name and date and sometimes next of kin) which would indicate he was a "major" member of the church and the community.    He was probably fairly wealthy by the standards at that time, this is also supported by the fact that Ursula did not have to marry again even though she had children still at home at the time of his death."     Ursula Herter Kissling died March 28, 1769, in Thieringen, Germany, at the home of her youngest daughter, with whom she was living at the time of her death.    She was buried with her husband in Truchtelfingen.    Ursula's will was probated June 17, 1769 and named 2 sons, Hans Jerg (Johann Georg), mason and Hans Jacob, miller, apprentice in Pennsylvania.   

Children of Hans Jakob Kissling and Ursula Katharine Herter

1. Anna Maria Kisling was born July 27, 1727, in Truchtelfingen, Balingen, Württemberg, Germany.

2. Hans Jakob Kisling was born Sept 27, 1729, in Truchtelfingen, Balingen, Württemberg, Germany.       

3. Johannes Kisling was born May 4, 1732, in Truchtelfingen, Balingen, Württemberg, Germany.     He died Mar 24, 1736, in Truchtelfingen, at four years of age.

4. Johann Georg Kisling was born Feb 17, 1734, in Truchtelfingen, Balingen, Württemberg, Germany.      (our line)

5. Johannes Kisling was born Apr 25, 1737, in Truchtelfingen, Balingen, Württemberg, Germany.    He died Dec 4, 1738, in Truchtelfingen, at under two years of age. 

6. Ursula Katherina Kisling was born Nov 13, 1738, in Truchtelfingen, Balingen, Württemberg, Germany.   


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