Robert H. George

Robert H. George was born about 1849, in Izard County, Arkansas.   He was the son of James Sevier George and Margaret Stewart.

The 1850 Izard County census shows the George family living in Richwood Township.   The census shows James George, 46, a farmer; Margaret, 42; Benjamin, 18; Permelia C., 15; Martha C., 12; Sarah, 10; Rachael C., 7; Richard, 4 and Robert H., 2 years old.   

Mahala Elizabeth Holden was born about 1851, in either Jackson County or Izard County, Arkansas.  She was the daughter of Archibald Holden and Jemima (last name unknown).

     The 1860 Izard County census shows the Holden living in Sylamore Township, Green Bush Post Office.   The census shows Archibald Holden, 55, a farmer; Jemima, 55; Lucinda, 23; Jeremiah J., 15 and Mahala E., 9 years old. 

The 1860 Izard County census shows the George family also living in Sylamore Township, Green Bush Post Office, not far from the Holden family.  The census shows James George, 56, a farmer; Margaret, 53; Sarah A., 20; Rachel A., 15; Richard, 13; Robert, 11; Andrew J., 9 and William, 6 years old.   

  We know both the George and Holden families were living in the Izard County, Sylamore Township, Blue Mountain Post Office area in 1870.   The Holden family is missing from the census, however, as are several other families who we know were living in that area.   The best we can figure, almost one-third of the 1870 Izard County, Sylamore Township, Blue Mountain Post Office census has been lost.    

Robert's sister, Martha Caroline George, had married Mahala's brother, Richard Holden, about 1858, in Izard County, so the two families were close. 

Robert H. George married Mahala Elizabeth Holden about 1872, probably in Izard County.  

Robert died about 1874 - 1876, probably in StoneCounty.    (Note: In 1873, that portion of Izard County that includes Sylamore Township, was portioned off and became part of the newly formed Stone County, so when we talk about Sylamore Township of Izard or Stone County, they are the same location.) 

Mahala married _____ Williams about 1877, probably in Izard County.    We know nothing about Mr. Williams.  We believe they separated prior to 1880.  

The 1880 Stone County, Arkansas census, Sylamore Township, shows Mahala living with her sister Rebecca Jane (Holden) Roberts.  The census shows Jane Roberts, head of household, 47, widowed; William Roberts, son, 23; Mahala Williams, sister, 34, widowed; Louis George, nephew, 7; Aaron Holden, brother, 11, and Charley Williams, nephew, 2 years old.

James Sevier George died in November 1887.   An Application for Letters of Administration was issued after his death.  The "heirs of Robert George" are mentioned in the letter.

Mahala married George Roper about 1897.   George Roper was born May 1840, in Arkansas, according to census.

The 1900 Stone County census, Sylamore Township, shows George Roper, 60, born May 1840, married 3 years, a farmer who rented his farm; Mahaley, wife, 50, born December 1849, had given birth to 3 children, 3 children still living; Louis George, stepson, 26, born April 1874, single, a farm laborer, and Morrson Williams, stepson, 11, born April 1889.

Child of Robert George and Mahala Holden

 1. Louis George, b. Apr 1874, AR

Children of Unknown Williams and Mahala (Holden) George

2. Charley Williams, b. abt 1878, AR

3. Morrison Williams, b. Apr 1889, AR