(Much of the following information on the earlier generations has been contributed by other researchers and has not been documented by me.)

        The German form of the Abel surname was first found in the Duchy of Württemberg, which was a state in the southwest part of Germany, and a member of the Holy Roman Empire from 1495 to 1806.   The dukedom survived mainly because it was larger than its immediate neighbours.   However, it was often under pressure during the Protestant Reformation from the Holy Roman Empire and from repeated French invasions in the 17th and 18th centuries.    Württemberg happened to be in the path of French and Austrian armies engaged in the long rivalry between House of Bourbon and House of Habsburg.    In 1803, Napoleon raised the duchy to the Electorate of Württemberg of the Holy Roman Empire but then, when he abolished the Empire in 1806, the Electorate was elevated to the Kingdom of Württemberg.

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Our 5th great-grandfather Konrad Ludwig Abel was born about 1729, in Vaihingen Parish, Duchy of Württemberg, Holy Roman Empire (now Germany).

Konrad married our 5th great-grandfather Eva Regina Boson on January 3, 1748 at Baden-Württemberg, Germany.    Eva Boson was born March 5, 1730, in Duchy of Württemberg, Holy Roman Empire.    She was the daughter of Jacob Gil Boson and Eva Regina (last name unknown).

 Konrad and Eva immigrated from Europe to the Pennsylvania Colony in America about 1757.    They settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

 Eva died at Philadelphia on December 19, 1758, just three days after giving birth to twins, and one day after the death of those twins.    She was no yet 29 years of age.     

(It should be noted that some researchers believe that Eva died in Wurttemberg, Germany one day after the birth of the twins.    Those researchers relate that family legend says that in 1759, shortly after Eva's death, Konrad and the surviving children immigrated to Philadelphia.    To the best of our knowledge, no ship's record of arrival has been found.)

Konrad was a "dyer" by trade.    We have been told he became a naturalized American citizen on September 8, 1764, at Philadelphia. 

Many researchers believe Konrad Abel moved to the Virginia Colony soon after his naturalization, and died there in 1765.    We do not agree, however.   We believe Konrad Ludwig Abel died in Philadelphia between 1771 and 1778, and is buried beside his beloved wife.   Our reasoning for this is that if Konrad had moved to Virginia in 1764/65, he must surely have taken his children with him, as the children were all minors at that time.    Although Konrad's son Ludwig Heinrich (Lewis Henry) Able settled in Fincastle (now Wythe) County, in the Virginia Colony, prior to 1773, we have found no evidence that Konrad's other children were in Virginia.   We feel Lewis may have moved to Virginia soon after the death of his father.    Apparently Konrad was dead prior to 1779, as he was not listed on the 1779 Septennial Pennsylvania Census.    The 1779 census did show a Christian Abel and a Jacob Abel, who we believe were Konrad's sons.  

  Children of Konrad Abel and Eva Boson

1. Christian Cunradin (Conrad) Abel was born Feb 25, 1749, in Duchy of Württemberg, Holy Roman Empire (Germany).    Christian married Marie Elizabeth Stockmayer in Philadelphia, PA, probably about 1773.    Marie Stockmayer was born about 1755, possibly in Philadelphia, PA.    He was listed as "Christian" Abel, living in Lancaster Borough, Pennsylvania, on the 1779 Septennial Census record.     The 1790 Philadelphia, PA census lists a "Conrad" Abell, 3 free white males over the age of 16, 8 free white females, occupation "hatt dyer".    We believe this was our Christian Conrad Abel.     Christian may have died prior to 1800, probably at Philadelphia, as we did not locate him after the 1790 censu.    The 1800 census lists a George Abel, Jacob Abel and Peter Abel, all living in Philadelphia Co, PA.    These may have been sons of Christian Conrad and Elizabeth.    If the Conrad Abel listed on the 1790 Philadelphia census is our Christian Conrad, it appears he had several children.    Some researchers on Ancestry indicate that Christian and Elizabeth's children included: Moses Abel, who m. Betty McHenry.    

2. Jacob Abel was born May 9, 1751, in Duchy of Württemberg, Holy Roman Empire (Germany).    Jacob Abel is listed as a "hatter" on the 1779 Philadelphia, PA, Septennial Census, in North Mulberry Ward.    We believe this was our Jacob.    Information provided to me states that he died in 1779, at Philadelphia, PA.   

3. Ludwig Heinrich "Lewis Henry" Abel was born Sept 9, 1752, in Duchy of Württemberg, Holy Roman Empire (Germany).     (our line)

4. Louise R. Abel was born Jan 31, 1754, in Duchy of Württemberg, Holy Roman Empire (Germany).     The information given us listed her year of birth as 1753.    We know that her brother Lewis was born Sept 9, 1752, so it would have been impossible for Louise to have been born Jan 31, 1753.    We therefore have placed her year of birth as 1754.  

5. Regina Abel was born Feb 25, 1755, in Duchy of Württemberg, Holy Roman Empire (Germany).     She died on May 17, 1760, at Philadelphia, in the PA Colony, seven days after her younger brother John died.     Regina was five years old when she died.

6. John Dor Abel was born May 4, 1756, in Duchy of Württemberg, Holy Roman Empire (Germany).     He died on May 10, 1760, at Philadelphia, in the PA Colony, just seven days before his sister Regina died.    John was four years old when he died.

7. Catharin Christiania Abel was a twin, born Dec 16, 1758, at Philadelphia, in PA Colony.    She died two days later, on Dec 18, 1758, at Philadelphia, in the PA Colony.

8. Charles Abel was a twin, born Dec 16, 1758, at Philadelphia, in PA Colony.    He died two days later, on Dec 18, 1758, at Philadelphia, in the PA Colony.


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