Ludwig Heinrich "Lewis Henry" Abel

Our 4th great-grandfather Ludwig Heinrich "Lewis Henry" Abel was born September 9, 1752, in Duchy of Württemberg, Holy Roman Empire (now Germany).     He was the son of Konrad Ludwig Abel and Eva Regina Boson.      

Lewis' family moved to America about 1757, settling in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where his mother died in December 1758.

Prior to 1773, Lewis moved to Fincastle County, in the Virginia Colony.    (Note: Fincastle County, Virginia, was created in 1772 from Botetourt County, the boundaries of which extended all the way to the Mississippi River.   Fincastle County was abolished in 1776, and divided into three new counties: Montgomery County, Washington County, and Kentucky County (which in 1792 became the 15th state, the Commonwealth of Kentucky) by acts of the Virginia General Assembly.    Wythe County was formed from a portion of Montgomery County in 1789-1790.)    Lewis probably moved to the Virginia Colony soon after the death of his father, but this is only speculation.         

Lewis married our 4th great-grandmother Elizabeth "Eliza" Wampler in 1774, in Fincastle County, Virginia.    Elizabeth Wampler was born August 12, 1752, at Cleona, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the daughter of Hans Michael Wampler and Anna Elizabeth (last name unknown).

 Lewis served as a private in Capt. Bosseroa's Volunteers, under General George Rogers Clark from October 27, 1778 through December 17, 1779.

In 1782, Lewis purchased 150 acres of land in Montgomery County, Virginia.    He appears on Montgomery County personal property tax lists through 1789.    In 1790, Wythe County was formed from the area of Montgomery County were Lewis and his family lived.    Lewis then appears in the Wythe County, Virginia tax records.   

 In the Virginia Colony, the Abel and Wampler families settled in the Swiss and German community.   Both families attended Lutheran and Reformed Churches.    We found record of a number of baptisms at the Kimberling Lutheran Church in Montgomery (now Wythe) County, beginning in 1780.     St. Paul Lutheran Church in Wythe County also contained a number of baptismal records, beginning in 1793.    The earlier church records were written in German.      

Lewis died March 10, 1801, in Wythe County, Virginia.

Lewis' name appears on the 1801 Wythe County personal property tax list dated March 14, four days after his death.    The list charges him with tithes on two white males above the age of 16 and tax on 5 horses, mares, colts or mules.  

Elizabeth was listed on the Wythe County personal property tax list dated May 4, 1802.    She was taxed on 1 horse.    Elizabeth is listed again on the 1804 Wythe County personal property tax list, as being taxed on 2 horses.   

    On September 17, 1806, Elizabeth married George Davis in Wythe County, Virginia.     We have been told that George Davis was a bound man on a farm belonging to one of Elizabeth's brothers.    George Davis was born about 1750, possibly in Pennsylvania.  

The couple appear on the 1810 Wythe County census.    They are both listed as above the age of 45 years.    

We believe George and Elizabeth both died prior to 1820.    Some researchers believe that Elizabeth moved to Tennessee before her death, as part of her children settled in Knox, Roane and Greene counties prior to 1820. 

Children of Lewis Abel and Elizabeth Wampler

1. Lewis Heinrich "Henry" Abel, Jr. was born 1775, in Fincastle (now Wythe) Co, VA.    He married Hannah Davis in 1795, in Wythe Co, VA.    The couple appears on the 1810 Wythe Co, VA census, with two children.    Lewis died Dec 22, 1820, in Wythe Co.     Children: (1) Margaret Abel, b. Feb 16, 1798, Wythe Co; d. Mar 17, 1862, Monroe Co, IN; m. Luke Ward; and    (2) Elias Abel, b.  June 7, 1800, Wythe Co; d. Jan 29, 1890, Monroe Co, IN; m. Hannah Otwell on Apr 20, 1828, Monroe Co.   

2. John David Abel was born Dec 27, 1780, in Montgomery (now Wythe) Co, VA.  

3. Jonathan Abel was born Feb 2, 1783, in Montgomery (now Wythe) Co, VA.       (our line)

4. Esther Abel was born in 1785, in Montgomery (now Wythe) Co, VA.     Esther married _____ Williams.     We have been told that Esther died in Roane Co, TN. 

5. Ferdinand "Frederick" Abel was born in 1787, in Montgomery (now Wythe) Co, VA.    He died about 1830.    Frederick married Sarah ____.      Children included: (1) James Abel;   (2) Daniel Abel;    (3) Nancy Evaline Abel, m. Edward Poe;    (4) Naomi Abel, m. John Wilson; and    (5) June Abel

6. Peter Abel was born Feb 20, 1788, in Montgomery (now Wythe) Co, VA. 

7. Catherine Abel was born 1789, in Montgomery (now Wythe) Co, VA.   We have been told she married Lawrence Couter in 1804.    Catherine then married Martin David Eisenhauer about 1814.   The family appears on the 1840, 1850, 1860 and 1870 Cocke Co, TN census.   The 1870 Cocke Co, TN census shows Martin and Catherine were both 81 years of age.    We have been told their children included: (1) Conrad Eisenhauer, b. 1815; m. Eve ___;    (2) Noah Eisenhauer, b. 1820; m. Polly Williams;    (3) Moses Eisenhauer, b. 1824;    (4) Helena Eisenhauer, b. 1828; and    (5) Simeon Eisenhauer, b. 1831; m. Mahalia Syuart 

8. Barbara Abel was born 1791, in Wythe Co, VA.    She married Oliver Daniel on Jan 17, 1829, in Roane Co, TN.

9. Maria Salome Abel was born June 3, 1793, in Wythe Co, VA.    She died before 1801, in Wythe Co.

10. Michael Abel was born 1795, in Wythe Co, VA.    He married Elizabeth "Betsy" ___.     Children included: Joseph Baker Abel, b. abt 1824; m. Elmira Sharping

11. Elizabeth Abel was born 1797, in Wythe Co, VA.    She married David Lowe on Nov 17, 1816, in Knox Co, TN.    Elizabeth died 1847, in Wythe Co.