Andrew N. Crouthers

(I have not researched the Crouthers family, but am sharing the information I have regarding this family.)

Andrew N. Crouthers was born about 1809, probably in North Carolina. We are unsure how the surname was spelled by this family early on. We have found different spellings on different documents. These spellings include Crouthers, Carothers, Coruthers, Caruthers and Carruthers. Each census taker or document writter used a different spelling.

Andrew married Frances (last name unknown) about 1833, probably in Tennessee. Frances was born about 1815, in Tennessee, according to census records.

  At least one child was born to Andrew and Frances in Tennessee, before Andrew moved his family to Pope County, Arkansas around 1836.

The 1840 Pope County, Arkansas census shows A. N. Coruthers in Union Township. The census shows one male 20-29; one female 30-39; one female 15-19; two males 5-9; two females 5-9; 2 males under 5 and 1 female under 5 years old. We believe the older female in the family was probably a sister, sister-in-law, or some other close relative who was living with Andrew and that some of the children belonged to her.

The family had settled in Dover Township of Pope County prior to the 1850 census. They remained in that area for about 40 years.

The 1850 Pope County census, Dover Township, shows A. N. Caruthers, 41, a farmer, born in North Carolina; Frances, 35, born in Virginia; James, 16, born in Tennessee; A. N., Jr., 14; David L., 12; Adaline, 9; Frances, 8; Henry Co., 6; Sarah J., 3; and Eliza S., 1 year old. All the children, except James, were shown to have been born in Arkansas.

 Also living in Pope County in 1850, a few miles from Andrew, was William Utley, 48, born in North Carolina; Delia, 34, born in Tennessee; Eliza Caruthers, 8; David Caruthers, 6; Samuel Caruthers, 5; and Mary Caruthers, 2 years old. All the children were born in Arkansas. We believe these two families were closely related. It is probable that Delia was first married to a brother of Andrew's. This has not been proven. We base this thought on the fact that some of the children had the same names as Andrew's children.

In 1860, Andrew purchased 120 acres of land in Pope County. The land was in Section 20, Township 9 N, Range 20 W. Later the same year, Andrew purchased an additional 80 acres in the same area of Pope County.

The 1860 Pope County census, Dover Township, shows Andrew N. Caruthers, 52, a farmer, $1000 real estate, $1000 personal property; Frances, 42, born in Tennessee (the 1850 census shows Virginia); Frances, 18; Henry C., 16; Nancy, 13 (there was not a Nancy listed on the 1850 census); George, 8; and child of ", male, 2 year old. We assume the census taker missed getting the name, but wanted to be sure the child was counted on the census. Living not far from Andrew's family was William Utley, 61, farmer, $400 real estate, $985 personal property; Delia, 45; Mary, 14 (she was shown to be a Caruthers on the 1850 census); Cunningham, 10; Henry, 4; David Caruthers, 18; Eliza Caruthers, 19; and Samuel Caruthers, 14.

The mortality schedule shows that a Sarah Caruthers, 18, died in 1860, in Pope County, from congestive chill. At this time we do not know if this was Andrew's daughter Sarah.

The 1870 Pope County census, Dover Township, shows Andrew N. Caruthers, 55 (he was 52 on the 1860 census), a farmer; Frances, 50; and Robert, 11. (We assume that Robert is the 2 year old listed on the 1860 census as "child of "). Living next door on one side of Andrew was his son David. The census shows David Caruthers, 31, laborer, $100 personal property; Sarah, 30; Clemma, 8; Maggie, 5; Lelia, 2; and "not named", female 1 month old. Living next door on the other side of Andrew was his daughter Nancy. Andrew's son George was living with Nancy's family. The census shows William Fergusson, 28, farmer, $150 personal property; Nancy, 21; and Mary M. F., 2 years old. Living with the family was George Caruthers, 18, laborer.

Andrew died prior to the 1880 census. The 1880 Pope County census, Dover Township, shows Frances Carruthers, head of household, widow, 55 (she was 50 on the 1870 census); and Robert, son, 22, a farmer.

Robert married in September 1883, in Conway County. We do not know if he was living in Conway County at that time or if he only married there. Another son, George, moved to Conway County prior to 1887. We believe Frances died between 1880 and 1890. We are unsure if she died in Pope County or Conway County.

Children of Andrew Crouthers and Frances

1. James Crouthers, b. abt 1834, TN

2. Andrew N. Crouthers, Jr., b. abt 1836, TN or AR; m. Mary _____ (appears in Crawford Co, AR in 1880)

3. David L. Crouthers, b. abt 1838, AR; m. Sarah _____ (appears in Pope Co, AR in 1870)

4. Adaline Crouthers, b. abt 1841, Pope Co, AR

5. Frances Crouthers, b. abt 1842, Pope Co, AR

6. Henry C. Crouthers, b. abt 1844, Pope Co, AR; m. Sally _____ (appears in Pope Co, AR in 1880)

7. Sarah J. Crouthers, b. abt 1847, Pope Co, AR

8. Eliza S. Crouthers, b. abt 1849, Pope Co, AR

9. George W. Crouthers, b. July 17, 1851, Pope Co, AR; d. May 22, 1925, Conway Co, AR; bur. Happy Bend Cem, Conway Co; m. (1) Maggie _____ abt 1874 (b. 1855; d. 1887; bur. Happy Bend Cem) then (2) Nannie Norman on Feb 23, 1888 in Conway Co, AR (Nannie b. Oct 16, 1867; d. May 23, 1905; bur. Old Hickory Cem, Conway Co, AR)

10. Robert C. Crouthers, b. 1858, Pope Co, AR

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