Christian Wampfler

(Note: Alsace is located on France's eastern border and on the west bank of the upper Rhine adjacent to Germany and Switzerland.    Throughout history Alsace has changed hands between Germany and France many times.    For this site, we generally refer to the location only as Alsace, because we are unsure at exactly which times it was in German hands and when it was back in French hands.    Although German is the primary language of the area, Alsace today is part of France.)

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Our 7th great-grandfather Christian Wampfler was born December 3, 1654 in Diemtigen, Bern Canton, Switzerland.    He was the son of Hans Wampfler and Magdelene Knutti.    Records indicate that Christian was christened on December 7, 1654, at Diemtigen.   

 Wampler Family History 1500's-1700's, by Fred B. Wampler, Ph.D. (pp. 56-57) states, "Thousands of Swiss emigrated into the Rheinland (including Alsace) following the Thirty Years War (1618-1638).    Most of this movement took place in the last half of the 1600's.    Among these immigrants was Christian Wampfler of Diemtigtal, Zwischenflüh, Switzerland, who was to settle in Sparsbach, Alsace."

Christian married our 7th great-grandmother Magdelena Gruner in 1684, at Sparsbach, Alsace.    Magdelena Gruner was born 1664, in Switzerland.  

Christian Wampfler died January 29, 1715, at Sparsbach, Alsace.    

Children of Christian Wampfler and Magdelena Knutti included:

1. Johann Christian Wampfler was born 1685, in Sparsbach, Alsace.    He married Anna Tritten on May 14, 1715, in Alsace.    Anna Tritten was born Jan 26, 1686.   The family immigrated to America in 1747, arriving from Rotterdam, Holland, at the Port of Philadelphia in August 1747 aboard the ship "Vernon".    The Ancestry website shows the following in their Passenger and Immigration List: Name: Joh. Christian Wampler; Year: 1747; Place: Pennsylvania; Family Members: Wife Wampler, Anna Tritt; Child Wampler, Joh. Ludwig; Child Wampler, Maria Catharina; Child Wampler, Hans Georg; Child Wampler, Maria Barbara; Child Wampler, Margaretha.    The ship records show Johann Christian Wampfler, 63, a linen weaver; Georg (Jorg) Wampfler, 31; and Christian Wampfler, 29.     Christian Wampfler died in Pennsylvania.     Children of Christian and Anna included: (1) Hans Georg Wampler, b. July 1716, Alsace; ch. Aug 9, 1716; d. 1757, PA; m. Marie Eva Hannspacher in 1757, PA;    (2) Hans Christian Wampler, ch. Feb 6, 1718, Alsace; d. 1764, PA; m. Justina Magdalena Christillus;    (3) Maria Catharina Wampler, b. Oct 21, 1719, Alsace;    (4) Anna Magdalena Wampler, ch. Mar 7, 1721, Alsace; d. Jan 10, 1742, Alsace;    (5) Margaretha Wampler, b. Oct 12, 1722, Alsace; d. PA; m. George Hoffeins;    (6) Maria Barbara Wampler, b. Aug 26, 1724, Alsace;    (7) Hans Adam Wampler, ch. June 15, 1726, Alsace; d. July 31, 1733, Alsace; and    (8) Johan Ludwig Wampler, b. Oct 13, 1730, Alsace; d. 1772.

2. Anna Magdalena Wampfler was born 1692, in Sparsbach, Alsace.    She married Samuel Mettauer on Oct 30, 1714, in Keskastel, Alsace, France.    Samuel Mettauer was born 1685, in Zofingen, Bern Canton, Switzerland.     Anna Magdalena died June 16, 1725, in Keskastel, Alsace.    On Mar 5, 1726, Samuel married Anna Maria Hoffmann.    Samuel died in Keskastel, Alsace.    Samuel and Anna Magdalena had at least 8 children, but only one (or possibly two) lived beyond infancy.   Children of Samuel and Anna Magdalena included: (1) Hans Jacob Mettauer, b. 1715, Alsace; d. 1717, Alsace;    (2) Johannes Mettauer, b. Feb 18, 1715, Alsace; immigrated to America with the family of his uncle Hans Peter Wampler in 1741 aboard the ship "Lydia"; d. aft 1790, in MD;    (3) Johannes Mettauer, b. Feb 28, 1716, Alsace; d. June 1, 1717, Alsace;    (4) Hans Peter Mettauer, b. 1718, Alsace; d. Jan 17, 1719, Alsace;    (5) Maria Magdalena Mettauer, b. 1719, Alsace; d. Dec 25, 1719, Alsace;    (6) Samuel Mettauer, b. 1721, Alsace; d. June 21, 1721, Alsace;    (7) Anna Barbara Mettauer, b. 1722, Alsace; d. Jan 22, 1723, Alsace; and    (8) Maria Eva Mettauer, b. 1723, Alsace.   

3. Johannes "Hans" Wampfler was born Feb 1696, in Sparsbach, Alsace.    He married Christina Breitenstein on Dec 7, 1728, in Alsace, France.   Christina was born 1695 and died Aug 1755, in Alsace, France.    On Feb 3, 1757, Johannes married Ursual Jost.     Johannes was a linen weaver by trade.    He died Mar 20, 1776, in Alsace.     Children of Johannes and Christina included: (1) Maria Eleonora Wampler, b. Feb 26, 1731; m. Carl Bach on May 23, 1749;    (2) Johann Tilman Wampler, b. May 18, 1734; d. July 31, 1735; and    (3) Anna Margaretha Wampler, b. June 28, 1738; d. Dec 28, 1740.     Children of Johannes and Ursual included: (1) Eva Maria Wampler, b. Mar 3, 1758; d. June 6, 1758;    (2) Johann Ludwig Wampler, b. Mar 1, 1759; and    (3) Georg Adam Wampler, b. Sept 29, 1761; d. Oct 11, 1762.

4. Johann "Hans" Peter Wampfler was born 1701, in Sparsbach, Alsace.     (our line)

5. Johann Michael Wampfler was born 1702, in Sparsbach, Alsace, France.    He married Anna Barbara ___ in 1720.    Johann Michael died Dec 29, 1760, in Alsace.   Children of Michael and Anna Barbara included: (1) Johann Jacob Wampler, b. May 1729; d. Jan 12, 1776, Sparsbach, Alsace; and    (2) Johann Michael Wampler, b. Jan 1736; d. May 4, 1776, Sparsbach, Alsace; m. Anna Margaretha Stutzmann