Much of the information contained in this Wampfler website was contributed by other researchers, many citing the followiing sources:   Wamplers In America, by Genevieve M. Shouse, printed by Gateway Press, Inc. of Baltimore in 1981, and Wampler Family History, 1701-1980, and Wampfler (Wampler) Family History, The 1500's-1700's, by Fred B. Wampler, privately printed in 1980 and 1986.    My sincere thanks to all those contributors.   

The name Wampfler is Swiss, meaning "one who comes from the wall or steep mass of rock".     According to John E. Wampler, the written records for the name begin in the Dietmigen Valley, high in the Bernese Alps of Switzerland.    The European name "Wampfler", as found in early documents, was later anglicized to "Wampler".    Variations on the name also include "Wambler" and "Wamler".  

The Wampfler (Wampler) family originated in Switzerland.    Records indicate that the family spoke German and attended German Reformed and Lutheran Churches.  

(Note: When I first began researching families with Germanic backgrounds, I was confused by the fact that every son and every daughter appeared to have the same name, usually Johann (or Hans) and Anna.    I soon learned that family naming patterns in some German areas resulted in all of the sons and daughters of a family having the same first name, but different second or middle names, such as Johann Ludwig and Johann Peter or Anna Maria and Anna Magdalena.    The child was usually called by their second (middle) name.)

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 Our 9th great-grandfather Heinrich Wampfler was born in 1590, in Diemtigen, Bern Canton, Switzerland.    Heinrich married our 9th great-grandmother Verna Herren in 1614, in Switzerland.   Verna Herren was born in 1592.    No other information has been made available to me on this couple, except that they had at least one son who they named Hans Wampfler

 Our 8th great-grandfather Hans Wampfler was born in 1616, in Zwischenfluh, Switzerland.    He was the son of Heinrich Wampfler and Verna Herren.    Hans was christened on November 20, 1616, at Diemtigen, Switzerland.    

Hans married our 8th great-grandmother Magdalene Knutti on October 15, 1647, at Diemtigen, Bern Canton, Switzerland.     Magdalene Knutti was born November 4, 1621, at Diemtigen, Bern Canton, Switzerland.    She was the daughter of Michael Knutti and Margaretta (maiden name unknown).   

Hans Wampfler died 1714, at Diemtigen, Bern Canton, Switzerland.    Magdalene died there on March 5, 1725.

 Children of Hans Wampfler and Magdalene Knutti included:

1. Peter Wampfler was christened Feb 18, 1649, in Bern Canton, Switzerland.    He married Magdalena Kunz.     Peter died Feb 5, 1724, in Switzerland.    Their children included: (1) Anna Wampfler;    (2) Christian Wampfler;    (3) Peter Wampfler; and   (4) Anna Wampfler  

2. Hans Wampfler was born July 2, 1651, in Bern Canton, Switzerland.    He was christened on July 7, 1651.    Hans died before 1660, in Switzerland.   

3. Christian Wampfler was born Dec 3, 1654, in Diemtigen, Bern Canton, Switzerland.      (our line)   

4. Johannes "Hans" Wampfler was christened Oct 7, 1660, in Bern Canton, Switzerland.    He married Barbara Klossner.    Their children included: (1) Anna Wampfler   and   (2) Christian Wampfler, m. Elizabeth Bueler

5. Anna Wampfler was christened July 29, 1666, in Bern Canton, Switzerland.    


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