(Much of the following information on the earlier generations of the Cline family has been graciously shared with me by other researchers. I do not know how much of it has been proven.)

  George Cline was born about 1740, in Germany. Some researchers indicate he was born in Northern Germany. He is thought to have been the son of John Cline.

Information from other researchers indicates that George Cline, along with his father, John, and two brothers, Jacob Cline and John Cline, Jr., emigrated to America around 1770.

George Cline married Susanah Buck on June 8, 1770, in Ulster County, New York. Susanah Buck was born about 1750, in Germany. She may have been the daughter of Joseph Buck.

George and Susanah settled in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania soon after their marriage. Records indicate their first child was born there in 1771. The Cline name shows up regularly in land tax records of Northumberland County beginning about 1772. In 1773, George Cline acquired 300 acres of land in Penn Township of Northumberland County.

George fought in the Revolutionary War of 1776. He enlisted November 4, 1776 and served as a sergeant in the Pennsylvania 3rd and 12th Regiments.

Around 1782, George moved his family to Ohio County, Virginia (today this is West Virginia), where five of their children were born. About 1795 he moved his family to Washington County, Ohio. They settled in the area now known as Grandview.

Washington County, Ohio was a parent county, established in 1788. Washington County lies on the Ohio River in the southeastern corner of the state. In later years, smaller counties were formed from portions of Washington County.

George Cline died April 14, 1801, at New Matamoras, Washington County, Ohio (now Monroe County). Other researchers have told me he was buried in an unmarked grave above New Matamoras, but in later years a marker was erected for him in Mound Cemetery at Marietta, on a plot of ground set aside for Revolutionary War soldiers whose burial place in Washington County is unknown.

Many things were happening in Ohio around this time. A convention was held in November, 1802, which set in motion the acceptance of Ohio as the 17th state on March 1, 1803. The Louisiana Purchase in 1803 gave the settlers a river outlet for their products, which could be shipped down the Mississippi River and through the port of New Orleans.

We have been told that Susanah Cline re-married a few years after George's death. On October 13, 1808, she is said to have married Anthony Evans, in Washington County, Ohio.

In 1813, Monroe County, Ohio was formed from Belmont, Washington and Guernsey Counties. Monroe County lies along the Ohio River, bordering West Virginia and adjoining the three counties from which it was originally formed. At the time Monroe County was formed, New Matamoras where George Cline was buried, became part of Monroe County.

Susanah died in 1840 at New Matamoras, Monroe County, Ohio.

In 1882, H. H. Hardesty and Company published the book "History of Monroe County, Ohio". The Cline families are shown to be among the first settlers of Washington Township in Monroe County. The book indicates that Joseph and William Cline, sons of George Cline, settled in Washington Township of Monroe County in 1804. Joseph and William Cline are credited with building the first cabins in Washington Township in 1804 . John Cline, another son of George Cline, was living in Virginia in 1804, but purchased land in Washington Township in 1805, and moved his family to the area. The first child born in the settlement was born to Joseph Cline. The first grist mill was built by John Cline in 1810 at the mouth of Big Lick Run. It was destroyed by fire in 1816 and rebuilt in 1817, along with a saw mill. The book also says the first church (Methodist-Episcopal) was organized at the house of Joseph Cline in 1817.

We are unsure how many children were born to George and Susanah. We have been told that 9 children survived to adulthood.

Children of George Cline and Susanah Buck

1. Joseph G. Cline, b. June 7, 1771, Northumberland Co, PA; d. June 15, 1847, Monroe Co, OH; m. Sarah Linn on May 4, 1797.  Children included: (1) Nancy C. Cline, b. 1798; m. her cousin George L. Cline; (2) Isaac William Cline, b. 1800; m. his cousin Mary Cline; (3) George Cline, b. 1802; (4) John Cline, b. 1804; (5) William Cline, b. 1806; (6) Mary "Polly" Cline, b. 1808; (7) David Miller Cline, b. 1809; (8) Thomas Cline, b. 1812; (9) Susannah Cline, b. 1814; (10) Joseph G. Cline, b. 1818 and (11) Robinson Cline, b. 1821

2. John C. Cline, b. Oct 27, 1772, Northumberland Co, PA (our line)

3. Levi Lewis Cline, b. Nov 4, 1776, Northumberland Co, PA

4. William Cline, b. 1783, Ohio Co, VA (now WV); m. Mary Linn on Aug 9, 1803, Washington Co, OH.  Children included: (1) Johnny Cline, b. 1804; (2) Isaac Cline, b. 1806 and (3) Susannah Cline, b. 1808

5. George Buck Cline, b. Apr 10, 1787, Ohio Co, VA (now WV); d. Aug 17, 1873, Monroe Co, OH; m. Christina Linn on Feb 23, 1807, Washington Co, OH.  Children included: (1) Rachel Cline, b. 1806; (2) Nancy Cline, b. 1808; (3) Sarah "Sally" Cline, b. 1809; (4) Rhuie Cline, b. 1810; (5) Mary "Polly" Cline, b. 1811; m. her cousin Isaac P. Cline, son of John C. Cline and Mary Brown; (6) Washington Cline, b. 1814; (7) Joseph Buck Cline, b. 1817; (8) Elizabeth "Bettie" Cline, b. 1819; (9) Susie Cline, b. 1822; (10) Narcisis Cline, b. 1826; (11) George W. Cline, b. 1828 and (12)  Isaac N. Cline, b. 1830

6. Catherine Cline, b. 1788, Ohio Co, VA (now WV); d. 1819, OH; m. John J. Tice.  Children included: (1) George Tice, b. 1811; (2) Susannah Tice, b. 1817 and (3) John J. Tice, b. 1819

7. David Cline, b. May 6, 1790, Ohio Co, VA (now WV); d. Dec 14, 1871, OH

8. Rosanna Cline, b. 1793, Ohio Co, VA (now WV); d. Feb 1, 1873, Washington Co, OH; m. Solomon Tice on May 16, 1809, Washington Co.  Children included: (1) David Tice, b. 1810; (2) Jacob Tice, b. 1812; (3) Catherine Tice, b. 1813; (4) Solomon Tice, b. 1815; (5) George W. Tice, b. 1817; (6) Susan Tice, b. 1818; (7) John Granville Tice, b. 1820; (8) Ruben Tice, b. 1825; (9) Mary Elizabeth Tice, b. 1830; (10) Lavina Tice, b. 1831; (11) Lewis M. Tice, b. 1833; (12) Amaziah Tice, b. 1834 and (13) Cynthia Tice, b. 1836

9. Christina Cline, 1794; d. May 12, 1866; m. 1) Obidiah Paden on Feb 18, 1807, Washington Co, OH, then m. 2) John J. Tice on May 12, 1820 (her sister Catherine's widowed husband), Washington Co.  Children included: (1) Mary Ann Tice, b. 1827; (2) Margaret Tice, b. 1838; (3) Martin V. Tice, b. 1841 and (4) Noah Tice, b. 1844


I am not a professional genealogist and although I have researched much of the information found at this site, some of it was given to me by other researchers and may not have been documented. Each bit of information found here should be carefully researched and proved or disproved by you, the researcher. Researchers may copy information found at this site for their own personal use and to share with other researchers or genealogical organizations. Any commercial use or distribution without the written consent of this author is prohibited.

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