My Cypert family originated in Germany.   They probably came from the area called Alsace-Lorraine.    Alsace-Lorraine is now located on the eastern border of France, along the Germany border.   At one time it was part of Germany.   The area changed ownership with every war between the two countries.

The Cypert surname has been spelled in various ways.   Many times it is repeated more than once in a legal document, and spelled differently in each occurrence.   A few of the spellings we found are Scypeart, Scypert, Sypert, Cypert, Syphers, Seypert, Seibert, Seifert, and the list goes on and on.   Those members of the family who settled in Wayne County, Tennessee, about 1816 used the Cypert spelling for the most part.   Those family members who moved from Wayne County, to Arkansas, also used the Cypert spelling.    Francis Scypeart, Sr.'s children used different spellings of the name.    Thomas spelled his name S-y-p-e-r-t, Robert spelled his name S-c-y-p-e-r-t, and Francis, Jr. dropped the "s" and retained the "c", spelling the name C-y-p-e-r-t.

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Grace Morrow Bryan, a Cypert descendant, compiled a book, Southern Kinsmen, on the Cypert family.    She indicates in her book, which was published by Polyanthos Press, New Orleans, in 1977, that research in Pennsylvania records and in the Quaker records of Cane Creek Meeting of the Quakers in Orange County, North Carolina, show that Larrance Scypeart was likely the father of our ancestor, Frances Scypeart, Sr..

 Larrance (Laurence, Lawrence) Scypeart was born about 1680 to 1690, in Germany.    He married Margaret (maiden name unknown) about 1715, in Germany.    Information contributed by Ken Young, a descendent of Francis Scypert/Cypert, shows that Lorrance Sypert immigrated to America on August 17, 1733 on the ship Samuel from Rotterdam via Deal, England.   The family settled in Pennsylvania and probably died in Pennsylvania.

Mrs. Bryan indicates that it is certain, from Pennsylvania and Quaker marriage records, that Larrance and Margaret Scypeart had a daughter named Margaret, who married Peter Stout.    Mrs. Bryan indicates in her book that everything she has researched leads her to believe that Margaret was a sister to Francis Scypeart, Sr., from whom we descend.    She indicates that they were both in Lancaster County and Burks County, Pennsylvania at the same time, and both were born in Germany.    They both married in Lancaster County and both had children born in Lancaster County.    The fact that Francis Scypeart named his daughter Margaret, probably after his mother, and had a sister named Margaret, and that they were all in Lancaster County at the same time seems to indicate a very close connection.    Lawrence was also a name handed down in Francis Scypeart's family and used through many generations.

  Probable Children of Larrance Scypeart and Margaret (maiden name unknown)

1. Margaret Scypeart, b. 1716, Germany

2. Francis Scypeart, b. 1718-1724, Germany   (my line)


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