"James" Horton

Isaac Horton and Hannah Farris had a son who was probably named James Horton. We will refer to him as "James" in this history. "James" was born in New York. If the birth date of 1788 is correct for Isaac Horton, Jr., then we can only believe "James" was born about 1791-1793, as only one male child appears on the 1790 Ulster County, New York, census with Isaac, Sr. and Hannah.

"James" married about 1811, as his first child was born soon after that date. We have found no record of his marriage.

The book Early Tennessee Tax List compiled by Sistler, Byron & Barbara, shows taxes were paid in 1823, in Campbell County, Tennessee, by James, Isaac, Nathaniel and William Horton. We believe all four of these Horton's were sons of Isaac Horton, Sr.

"James" died prior to 1825. A pension application filed by Isaac Horton, Sr. in Lawrence County, Tennessee, in 1825, stated that Isaac's grandchildren, James, age 13, and Polina, age 9, were living with him. If the James Horton listed on the 1823 Campbell County tax list is our James, we can determine he died between 1823 and 1825, probably in Campbell or Lawrence County, Tennessee.

Children of "James" Horton

1. James William Horton, b. abt 1812

2. Polina Horton, b. abt 1816