The Montgomery Family

Mitchell Lowry K. Montgomery was probably born about 1744-1750. Some researchers say he was born in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. (Note: The 1830 census shows he was born between 1741-1750. The 1840 census says he was 101 years old, which would indicate he was born about 1739. The Official Roster Of The Soldiers Of The American Revolution Buried In The State Of Ohio, page 260, which lists him as Michael Montgomery of Guernsey County, states he died at age 101. Since he died in 1845, he would have been born in 1744. The same book, Volume III, page 242 says Mitchell was born January 5, 1750.)

Mitchell is incorrectly listed as Michael L. K. Montgomery in the book The Official Roster Of The Soldiers Of The American Revolution Buried In The State Of Ohio. (Note: There was a Michael Montgomery who served as an officer in the Revolutionary War, but he remained in Pennsylvania and did not migrate to Guernsey County, Ohio.) Information from the afore mentioned book shows that Mitchell served as a private in the Pennsylvania Continental Line during the Revolutionary War, for which he later received both a pension and a military land grant.

We believe Mitchell left Pennsylvania sometime after being discharged from his military duty at the end of the War. He may have been in Virginia during the time of the 1790 census. (Family genealogy indicates he married and had three sons born in Virginia between 1793 and 1800, so we know he was there around 1790.) Census schedules survive for only eleven of the thirteen original states. Unfortunately, the 1790 census for Virginia was lost.

Mitchell Lowry K. Montgomery married Rebecca McNeely in September 1793. Some researchers say they were married in Pendleton County, Virginia (now West Virginia). We have no documentation on this, however. (Note: Since Mitchell would have been in his mid 40's or older at the time, we wonder if this was a second marriage for him. We have found nothing to indicate he had children prior to his marriage to Rebecca, however.) Some researchers indicate that Rebecca was born January 25, 1756.

We were unable to locate Mitchell on the 1800 census. Family genealogy reflects that he had a son born in Virginia in 1800. Census schedules survive for only 13 states for 1800. The Virginia census was among several schedules that were lost.

We believe Mitchell's family settled in Belmont County, Ohio prior to 1810. Of course, as our luck runs, the 1810 Ohio census, except for Washintgon County, was lost. We found record of several Montgomery marriages during the period that Mitchell's family lived in Belmont County and we believe at least some of these individuals were related to Mitchell. The Belmont County, Ohio marriage records show Mary Montgomery married Mathew Miller on January 18, 1810; Thomas Montgomery married Dille Tehurse on June 10, 1816; Robert Montgomery married Catharine Foreman on August 14, 1817; Mariah Montgomery married Isaac Hanson on June 14, 1817; Daniel Montgomery married Alice Lappan on May 6, 1821 and Mitchell Montgomery married Sarah Young on March 31, 1822. (This was Mitchell, Jr.)

Mitchell's family settled in Guernsey County, Ohio prior to 1818. Guernsey County, Ohio was created on March 1, 1810 out of Belmont and Muskingum counties. Portions of Guernsey County were later incorporated into the counties of Monroe (January 29, 1813), Morgan (December 29, 1817) and Noble (March 11, 1851).

The 1820 Guernsey County, Ohio census, Oxford Township, shows (for the first time) Mitchell L. K. Montgomery head of family. The census shows 3 males 16-25 (born 1795-1804); 1 male 26-45 (born 1775-1794); 1 male over 45 (born before 1775); 1 female under 10 (born 1811-1820) and 1 female over 45 (born before 1775). Mitchell's family was the only Montgomery family living in Guernsey County in 1820.

Mitchell and Rebecca's son, James, married in Guernsey County on June 11, 1821.

The 1830 Ohio census shows four Montgomery families living in Guernsey County. Mitchell and his sons Isaac and James were living in Oxford Township. John Montgomery was living in Beaver Township.

The 1830 Guernsey County, Ohio census, Oxford Township, shows Mitchell Montgomery head of family. The census shows 1 male 80-89 (born 1741-1750); 1 female 15-19 (born 1811-1815) and 1 female 70-79 (born 1751-1760).

In 1830, Mitchell's son Mitchell (Jr.) was living in nearby Morgan County, Ohio with his family. Other Montgomery families living in Morgan County in 1830 were William Montgomery, William Montgomery, Jr. and Daniel Montgomery.

Living near Mitchell's family in Guernsey County in 1830 was the family of John McNeely. The census shows he was born between 1781-1790. We feel sure he was related to Rebecca. In 1850 Rebecca was living with her son Isaac Montgomery. John McNeely, age 60, was also living with the family.

The 1840 Ohio census shows five Montgomery families living in Guernsey County. Mitchell and his son Isaac were living in Oxford Township. Mitchell's son James was living in Oxford Township. John Montgomery and Levi Montgomery were living in Wills Township.

The 1840 Guernsey County, Ohio census shows Mitchell living in Millwood Township. The census shows 1 male 100 or over; 1 female 20-29 (born 1811-1820) and 1 female 80-89 (born 1751-1760). The backside of the census page lists the name and age of Revolutionary War Pensioners. It lists Mitchell L. Montgomery 101 yrs old (which would mean he was born in 1739). (We don't believe he was quite that old.)

On November 1, 1840, Mitchell received 80 acres of land in Guernsey County, Ohio for his military service during the Revolutionary War. The property was described as being in Township 4 North, Range 3 West, Section 17 in Guernsey County.

Mitchell Lowry K. Montgomery died in Millwood Township, Guernsey County, Ohio on November 11, 1845. He is buried in West Montgomery Cemetery in Millwood Township of Guernsey County.

Mitchell L. K. began drawing a pension for his Revolutionary War service on June 20, 1818. Records indicate he was living in Ohio at the time. Records also show his pension was $8.00 per month. In September 1826, his pension file was transferred to the Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Agency. He continued drawing his pension through the Pittsburg Agency until his file was transferred to the Wheeling, Virginia Agency on September 4, 1836. That pension file states that Mitchell died on November 11, 1845.

(Note: Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Volume 3, lists Michael Montgomery as a Revolutionary War soldier buried in Millwood Township, Guernsey County, Ohio. Although there was a Michael Montgomery who served in the Revolutionary War, it was Mitchell, not Michael, who lived and died in Guernsey County, Ohio.)

Rebecca Montgomery filed, as widow of Mitchell L. K. Montgomery, to receive his pension after his death. Pension files show the application was granted commencing November 11, 1845. Rebecca drew $40.00 per half year. The amount was increased to $48.00 per half year commencing July 1, 1848. A notation on the records indicates Rebecca was last paid June 2, 1851 for a period that included the 3rd quarter 1851.

The 1850 Guernsey County, Ohio census, Oxford Township, shows Rebecca living with her son Isaac and his family. The census shows Isaac Montgomery, 45, a farmer, birth place unknown; Elizabeth, 44, birth place unknown; Nancy J., 20; James, 18, a farmer; Andrew J., 16; David, 14; Rebecca, 12; John McNeely, 60, birth place unknown; Rebecca Montgomery, 100, birth place unknown and Mitchell McNeely, 10, born in Ohio. The census shows that all of Isaac's children were born in Ohio.

Rebecca Montgomery died between June and September 1851, in Guernsey County, Ohio.

We do not know how many children were born to Mitchell and Rebecca. We know they had at least three sons. We believe they had another son born about 1794. (The 1820 census shows a male born 1775-1794, living with Mitchell, Rebecca and their 3 sons. Also on the census was a young female born 1811-1820. We believe this was a granddaughter. We believe the unknown son married, had a daughter and his wife died prior to 1820. For some reason the son was living with his parents in 1820. He probably died prior to the next census as he did not appear on any other census with Mitchell. The female, however, continued to live with Mitchell and Rebecca. The 1830 census indicates she was born 1811-1815. She was still living with Mitchell and Rebecca at the time of Mitchell's death in 1845. We have no further record of her.)

Children of Mitchell Lowry K. Montgomery and Rebecca McNeely

1. Unknown Son Montgomery, b. abt 1894; probably d. 1820-1830, Guernsey Co, OH

2. Mitchell L. Montgomery, b. Mar 8, 1796, probably in VA

3. Isaac Montgomery, b. Apr 3, 1798, VA; d. bet 1850-1860; m. Elizabeth Spear. (Isaac was in Guernsey Co, OH in 1830, 1840 and 1850. His widow was living in Owen Co, IN in 1860.) Children included: (1) Nancy Jane Montgomery, b. abt 1830, OH; (2) James Montgomery, b. abt 1832, OH; (3) Andrew Jackson Montgomery , b. abt 1834, OH; (4) David Montgomery, b. abt 1836, OH and (5) Rebecca Montgomery, b. abt 1838, OH

4. James Montgomery, b. Nov 4, 1800, VA; d. July 17, 1867, Grant Co, IN; m. Jane Smith on June 11, 1821, Guernsey Co, OH. (James was in Guernsey Co, OH in 1830 and 1840; in Vinton Co, OH in 1850 and in Grant Co, OH in 1860.) Children included: (1) William K. Montgomery, b. abt 1825, OH; (2) Martha Montgomery, b. abt 1830, OH; (3) Mary Ann Montgomery, b. abt 1832, OH; (4) James Montgomery, b. abt 1834, OH; (5) Isabella Montgomery, b. abt 1836, OH; (6) Martin V. Montgomery, b. abt 1841, OH; (7) Thomas M. Montgomery, b. abt 1844, OH and (8) John Jefferson Montgomery, b. abt 1847, OH


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