(My sincere thanks to Judy Weber who provided birth dates for Edwin's family.)

Edwin F. Nichols was born April 8, 1802, in New York, according to census records and family records provided by Judy Weber. We believe, but have not yet proven, Edwin had a brother Henry Nichols, born about 1800, in New York and a brother William Nichols, born about 1805, in New York.

Edwin married Hester (last name possibly Hyde) prior to 1827, probably in New York. At least two children were born in New York. Hester was born November 22, 1800, in New York according to census records and family records.

The 1830 Allegany County, New York census shows E. F., a male age 20-30; one female age 20-30 and one female under 5 years of age.

Edwin moved his family to Illinois prior to 1835. Henry Nichols moved his family to Illinois prior to 1838, and William Nichols moved his family there prior to 1840. All three families appear on the 1840 Fulton County, Illinois. William and Edwin are shown living next door to each other, and Henry is living nearby. The census shows E. F. Nichols age 30-40; one male 5-10; one male under 5; one female 30-40; one female 10-15; and one female under 5 years.

The 1850 Fulton County, Illinois census, Town of Center, shows Edwin, 48, a farmer, born in New York; Hester, 49, born in New York; William W., 19, a blacksmith, born in New York; Ann E., 14, born in Illinois; Daniel E., 12, born in Illinois; and George F., 5, born in Illinois. Edwin is shown to have real property valued at $800. Living next door to Edwin is the Snyder family. Elbridge Bush (listed as Eldridge), who later married Edwin's daughter Ann, was living with the Snyder family. Living beside the Mary Snyder family was Edwin's daughter and son-in-law, Arlina and George R. Snyder.

Edwin Nichols died between 1850 and 1860, probably in Fulton County, Illinois.

The 1860 Fulton County census, Lee Township, shows Hester, 59, as head of the household. She is listed as Esther on the census. Listed with her are her sons Daniel, 22, a laborer; and Franklin, 15, born in Illinois. Living on one side of Hester is her daughter and son-in-law Arlina and George Snyder and family. Living on the other side of Hester is her daughter and son-in-law Ann and Elbridge Bush (listed as Eldridge) and family.

The 1870 Fulton County, Lee Township, census shows Hester (listed as Esther) living with her daughter and son-in-law Arlina and George Snyder and family. Hester is shown to be 69 years old. Living next door to them is the family of Elbridge (listed as Eldridge) and Ann Bush.

We were unable to locate Hester on the 1880 census and assume she died between 1870 and 1880.

Children of Edwin Nichols and Hester

1. Arlina M. Nichols, b. May 29, 1828, NY

2. William W. Nichols, b. May 6, 1831, NY

3. Hannah M. Nichols, b. Apr 21, 1833; d. bef 1840

4. Anna Elizabeth Nichols, b. Aug 20, 1836, IL; m. Elbridge G. Bush (our line)

5. Daniel E. Nichols, b. May 30, 1838, Fulton Co, IL

6. Hiram S. Nichols, b. Aug 6, 1840, Fulton Co, IL; d. bef 1850, Fulton Co, IL

7. George Franklin Nichols, b. Dec 22, 1844, Fulton Co, IL


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