My Woody family had its origin in England.    English surnames were derived from various sources, including locations.    Normally the surname "Wood", and its variations, were derived from the person living in or near a wood or woody area.    "Wood" and its variations was sometimes also used as an occupational name for the woodcutter.

Early Woody immigrants to America settled primarily in Massachusetts, Virginia and North Carolina, before moving into Tennessee and other areas.

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At this time I would like to express my gratitude to Michael A. Woody, who contributed the majority of the early Woody genealogy.    I do not know how much of this has been documented.

Accordiing to Michael A. Woody, my 10th great grandfather was Richard Woody I, who was born in 1590, in England.    He married my 10th great grandmother, Ann (maiden name unknown).     Immigration records show that Richard and Ann migrated to America in 1642 and settled at Boston, in Suffolk County, Massachusetts.     Ann died in Massachusetts between 1656 and 1658.     Richard died there December 7, 1658.

Children of Richard Woody I and Ann included: 

(1) Mary Woody, born in Suffolk County, England; died March 30, 1662, in Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts; married Edmond Sheffield II in 1644
(2) Richard Woody II, born 1615, in England, died about 1681, married Frances Dexter in 1646, in Roxbury, Massachusetts
(3) John Woody, born 1626, in England, died July 23, 1650, married Mary Coggan
(4) Isaac Woody, born 1631, in England  (from whose line I descend)

My 9th great grandfather, Isaac Woody, was born 1631, in England, the son of Richard Woody I and Ann (maiden name unknown).      Isaac married my 9th great grandmother, Dorcas Harper, on March 20, 1656, at Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.     Dorcas Harper was the daughter of Joseph Harper.

Children of Isaac Woody and Dorcus Harper included:

(1) Mary Woody, born March 22, 1657, Boston, Massachusetts
(2) John Woody I, born 1659, Boston  (from whose line I descend)
(3) Isaac Woody, Jr., born April 16, 1662
(4) Dorcas Woody, born April 10, 1664; married John Hisket
(5) Ann Woody, born November 21, 1666; married Joseph Billing
(6) Samuel Woody, born 1668-1669
(7) Martha Woody, born November 11, 1669
(8) Thomas Woody, born October 9, 1672
(9) Richard Woody, born in 1674

My 8th great grandfather, John Woody I, was born September 18, 1659, at Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.    He married my 8th great grandmother, Mary (maiden name unknown). John died between 1692 and 1695.    I have record of only one child, John Woody II.

My 7th great grandfather, John Woody II, was born January 23, 1687, at Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.     He married my 7th great grandmother, Mary (maiden name unknown), who was born in 1688.     I have record of only one child, John Woody III.

My 6th great grandfather, John Woody III, was born 1715, at Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, and died 1762, in Orange County, North Carolina.    John was married twice and had at least ten children from the two marriages.     He first married Mary Lindley on December 27, 1738, at St. George Parish, Harford County, Maryland.   

Children of John Woody III and Mary included:

(1) Eleanor Woody, born May 23, 1739, Harford County, Maryland
(2) John Woody IV, married Mary (maiden name unknown) and Abigail Turner
(3) William Woody, born 1740, died March 27, 1838, married Eleanor Thompson
(4) Mary Woody, married Zachariah Allen in 1762
(5) Ruth Woody, married John Thompson in 1786

John Woody's second marriage was to my 6th great grandmother, Mary Gowan.    They married about 1742, probably very soon after the death of his first wife, who may have died during childbirth or soon thereafter due to complications .  

 Children of John Woody III and Mary Gowan included:

(6) Robert Woody, born about 1742, in Baltimore, Maryland; died 1785, in North Carolina; married Mary (maiden name unknown)
(7) James Woody, born Sept 29, 1744, in Baltimore, Maryland; died February 27, 1821; married Mary Laughlin in 1767
(8) Samuel Woody, born 1746; married Sarah Holiday
(9) Joshua Woody, born 1747
(10) Joseph Woody, born 1748, Maryland    (from whose line I descend)

My 5th great grandfather, Joseph Woody, was born in 1748, in Baltimore County, Maryland, the son of John Woody III and Mary Gowan.     Joseph married my 5th great grandmother, Sarah Thompson, about 1769.     Sarah Thompson was born in 1750 and died 1822, in Orange County, North Carolina.     Joseph died there between February 1815 and 1818.    

Children of Joseph Woody and Sarah Thompson included:

(1) Samuel Woody, born Sept 12, 1770, Orange County, North Carolina; died Oct 22, 1855, in Maury County, Tennessee; married Jane Holmes on May 23, 1795, in Orange County
(2) Mary Woody, born May 22, 1772, Orange County, NC; married Samuel McMullen, Jr. on Oct 9, 1790, in Orange County
(3) John Woody, born 1774, Orange County, NC; died Mar 20, 1811, in Orange County; married Elizabeth Thompson on Oct 22, 1800, in Orange County
(4) Jane Woody, born 1776, Orange County, NC; married Thomas McMullen on Sept 12, 1795, in Orange County
(5) Joseph Woody, Jr., born Nov 7, 1780, Orange County, NC; died Jan 10, 1861; married Sara Thompson
(6) Robert Woody, born 1781     (from whose line I descend)
(7) Ruth Woody, born 1782, Orange County, NC; married John Crawford on Oct 10, 1801, in Orange County
(8) Joshua Woody, born 1784, Orange County, NC; died Feb 1818; married Ruth Jones on Dec 27, 1811, Orange County
(9) Patsy Woody, married ____ Jones

My 4th great grandfather, Robert Woody, was born 1781, in Orange County, North Carolina.    He married my 4th great grandmother, Rachel Rickets on February 8, 1802, in Orange County. Rachel Rickets was born February 1, 1784, in Orange County.

Children of Robert Woody and Rachel Rickets included:

1. Jacob Levi Woody, born aboutt 1803, Orange County, NC; d. in Wayne County, TN; m. Mary

2. Joseph Woody, born about 1805, Orange County, NC    (my line)

3. Robert Woody, born about 1807, Orange County, NC; m. Sarah Elenor Rockard.

I am not a professional genealogist and although I have researched much of the information found at this site, some of it was given to me by other researchers and may not have been documented. Each bit of information found here should be carefully researched and proved or disproved by you, the researcher. Researchers may copy information found at this site for their own personal use and to share with other researchers or genealogical organizations. Any commercial use or distribution without the written consent of this author is prohibited.

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