(Note: Information concerning the two earliest generations shown below has not been researched by me and I can not confirm the accuracy of the information.  Also, my sincere thanks to Ken Adamson for the information he contributed on William Maiden.)

 James Maiden was born in 1750, in Augusta County, Virginia.  He may have been the son of John Maiden

James married Theodocia Lee in August 1774, in Virginia.  Theodocia Lee was born in 1752, in Rockingham County, Virginia. 

James died January 16, 1796, in Rockingham County, Virginia.  Theodocia died there in 1845. 

We have been told James and Theodocia's children (all born in Rockingham County) included: (1) Sarah Maiden, b. 1776; (2) James Maiden, b. 1780 (our line); (3) Elizabeth Maiden, b. 1785; (4) Jane Maiden, b. 1786; (5) William Maiden, b. 1788; (6) Jacob Maiden, b. 1794 and (7) John Milton Maiden, b. 1796.  

James Maiden was born in 1780, in Rockingham County, Virginia.  He was the son of James Maiden and Theodocia Lee.  

James married Mary "Polly" Davis on February 12, 1805, in Rockingham County.  Polly Davis was born in 1784, in Rockingham County.

The 1810 Rockingham County census shows James Maiden, a male 26-44 (b. 1766-1784); one male 16-25 (b. 1785-1794) (probably a brother or brother-in-law); one male under 10 (b. 1801-1810) (William - our line); one female 26-44 (b. 1766-1784) and 2 females under 10 (b. 1801-1810) (Theodocia and unknown). 

The 1820 Rockingham County census shows James Maiden, a male  26-44 (b. 1776-1794); one male 10-15 (b. 1805-1810) (William - our line); 2 males under 10 (b. 1811-1820); one female 26-44 (b. 1776-1794); 2 females 10-15 (b. 1805-1810) and 2 females under 10 (b. 1811-1820).

The 1830 Rockingham County census shows James Maiden, a male 40-49 (b. 1781-1790); 2 males 15-19 (b. 1811-1815); one female 40-49 (b. 1781-1790); one female 20-29 (b. 1801-1810); one female 15-19 (b. 1811-1815) and one female 10-14 (b. 1816-1820). 

James Maiden died between 1830 and 1840 in Rockingham County.  

James and Polly had several children including: (1) William B. Maiden, b. 1808 (our line) and (2) Theodocia Ann Maiden, b. 1810, Rockingham Co, VA; d. Aug 8, 1850, Crawford Co, IL; m. Abraham L. Brubaker on July 8, 1826, in Rockingham Co.  

William B. Maiden was born February 8, 1808, in Rockingham County, Virginia.  He was the son of James Maiden and Mary "Polly" Davis.  Some researchers believe his middle name was Berrie.   

William married Margaret Jane Sellers on December 4, 1829, in Rockingham County, Virginia. Margaret Sellers was born in 1808, in Virginia.

  It appears that at least three children were born to William and Margaret in Rockingham County, Virginia. About 1835 William moved his family to Ohio, where at least four children were born. About 1845 the family moved to Illinois where two more children were born. The family then moved to Indiana about 1850, where the last child was born. Records show the family was in Henry County, Iowa prior to 1854. 

The 1860 Henry County, Iowa census shows the family in Scott Township. The census shows William, 47, a farmer, b. VA; Margaret, 49, b. VA; Simeon, 29, an artist, b. VA; Caroline, 27, b. VA; Elizabeth, 25, b. VA; Rebeca, 23, b. OH; Henry, 21, b. OH; William, 17, b. OH; John, 16, b. OH; Jacob, 13, b. IL; Zack, 11, b. IL and James, 9, b. IN. William's real property is valued at $9000 and his personal property at $2000.

The 1864 IRS Tax Assessment List shows William Maiden of Scott Township, Henry County, Iowa owed $6.15 in tax on 410 gallons of molasses he had made.  The molasses was valued at $205.00.

The 1870 Henry County census shows the family still living in Scott Township. The census shows William, 62, a farmer, $13,400 real prop, $300 pers prop, VA; Margaret, 61, VA; William F., 27, farmer, OH; John, 24, teaching school, OH and James, 20, IN.  Living in the same area was their daughter and son-in-law, Rebeca and William Adamson and their family. Also living in the same area was their son Henry Maiden and his wife.

Margaret died November 15, 1870, in Henry County.

William married Cordelia (last name unknown) sometime after Margaret's death. Cordelia was born in 1838, according to her headstone.

William died in 1897 and is buried in Winfield-Scott Cemetery, near Winfield, in Henry County, Iowa. Cordelia died in 1937 and is buried beside William.

Children of William Maiden and Margaret Sellers

1. Simeon B. Maiden, b. Sept 23, 1830, Rockingham Co, VA

2. Caroline Maiden, b. abt 1833, Rockingham Co, VA

3. Elizabeth Maiden, b. Dec 25, 1834, Rockingham Co, VA; d. Oct 15, 1922, Henry Co, IA; bur. Winfield-Scott Cem, Henry Co; m. William D. Shultz on Jan 4, 1869, Henry Co.  William Shultz, b. Feb 2, 1842, Crawford Co, IL; d. Apr 27, 1922, Henry Co; bur. Winfield-Scott Cem.   Children: (1) Infant Daughter Schultz, b. & d. 1871, Henry Co; (2) Mabel Iowa Shultz, b. 1873, Henry Co. and (3) Edward B. Shultz, b. 1876, Henry Co. 

4. Rebeca A. Maiden, b. 1836, OH; m. William S. Adamson (our line)

5. Henry Maiden, b. May 1839, OH; m. Margaret ____ in Sept 1869, Henry Co, IA.  Margaret, b. 1852, IA; d. bef 1884.  Henry m. Minnie E. Oliver on July 22, 1884, Kansas City, MO.  Minnie Oliver, b. Feb 1870, MO, dau. of J. M. Oliver.   Children included: (1) William Maiden, b. Feb 1890, KS; (2) Edward Maiden, b. Aug 1892, KS; (3) Jacob Maiden, b. Feb 1893, KS; (4) Nettie Bell Maiden, b. Dec 1895, KS; (5) Nellie L. Maiden, b. May 1897, KS and (6) Charley Maiden, b. Apr 1900, KS

6. William F. Maiden, b. abt 1843, OH; m. Catharine "Katie" Ross on Dec 30, 1871, in Henry Co, IA.  Katie Ross, b. abt 1852, OH; d. bef 1900; dau. of James Madison Ross (b. 1816, PA; d. 1884, Henry Co, IA) and Elizabeth Fry (b. 1811, KY; d. 1873).  Family was in 1880 and 1900 Butler Co, KS.  Child: William J. Maiden, b. Nov 1878, KS

7. John W. Maiden, b. Mar 1844, OH; m. Jennie Williams in 1871, in IA.  Jennie was b. Feb 1851, IA.  Family appears in 1880 Fillmore Co, NE; 1900 & 1910 Douglas Co, OR and 1920 Orange Co, CA.  Children: (1) Capitola R. Maiden, b. Oct 23, 1872, IA; (2) Flavia Lillien Maiden, b. Aug 13, 1875, IA; (3) Maud May Maiden, b. May 23, 1878, NE; (4) Daisy M. Maiden, b. Apr 1881, NE and (5) Maurice Maiden, b. May 11, 1886, KS 

8. Jacob B. Maiden, b. abt 1847, IL

9. Zachariah Taylor Maiden, b. Jan 1849, IL; d. Jan 13, 1915, Los Angeles Co, CA; m. Margaret Gordy.  Margaret Gordy, b. Jan 1859, Keokuk Co, IA; d. May 14, 1921, Detroit, MI.  Children included: (1) Daisy L. Maiden, b. 1874, IA; (2) Bertha F. Maiden, b. 1877, IA; (3) Jennie Maiden, b. 1879, KS; (4) Estella A. Maiden, b. Sept 1882, KS; (5) Gladdis Maiden, b. Nov 1887, KS; (6) Linnet Maiden, b. Mar 1888, KS; (7) Leonard Maiden, b. July 1889, KS and (8) Jesse Maiden, b. Dec 1892, KS

10. James M. Maiden, b. June 22, 1851, IN; d. Oct 18, 1896; bur. Winfield & Scott Cem, Winfield, IA; m. Mary E. ____, b. July 27, 1859.  Children: (1) Milton E. Maiden, b. Feb 6, 1875; d. Mar 13, 1875; bur. Winfield & Scott Cem, Winfield, IA; (2) Willie O. Maiden, b. Feb 28, 1876; d. Jan 14, 1877; bur. Winfield & Scott Cem, Winfield, IA and (3) Alva J. Maiden, b. Aug 8, 1879, KS; d. Feb 22, 1950; bur. Winfield & Scott Cem, Winfield, IA


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