William Franklin Gloden

Our great grandfather William Franklin Gloden was born May 7, 1869, at Decatur, in Macon County, Illinois.    He was the son of Michael Gloden and Lucinda Adaline Branham.

One-year old William appears with his parents and his 3-year old brother, John Michael, on the 1870 Macon County census, Decatur Township.     William Franklin's mother died in 1878 and his father married again in 1880.      The 1880 Macon County census, Decatur Township, shows William F., age 18, with his father John Gloden, step-mother Margaret, and siblings Mary and James.

Frank married our great grandmother Etta Melvina Lea "Ettie" Taylor about 1891, probably in Illinois.     Ettie Taylor was born August 10, 1875, in Illinois, the daughter of Oral Taylor.    Family history relates that Oral Taylor was 3/4 Cherokee Indian.    We have no information concerning Ettie's mother.    We have been unable to find Oral Taylor on any census records.   

Census records indicate Frank and Ettie's first child was born in Illinois in November 1892.     Frank and Ettie moved to Tennessee soon after the birth of their first child.    Their second child was born in 1894 in Tipton County, Tennessee.     At least two of their children were born at Covington, in Tipton County, Tennessee.

The 1900 Haywood County, Tennessee, census shows William F., Ettie L., and their children, four-year old Gertie and one-year old Jesse, living in Civil District #3.     The census shows they had been married 9 years, and Ettie had given birth to three children, but only two of them were still living.     Frank was working as a day laborer at the time.

Frank and Ettie divorced between 1902 and 1906.    We are not sure when they moved to Arkansas, so do not know if they divorced before or after moving to Arkansas.   

  William married his cousin, Mrs. Amanda Jane Branham Daley on July 31, 1906, at Memphis, Tennessee.     Mandy Branham was born August 27, 1876, at Leslie, in Searcy County, Arkansas.    She was the daughter of James Lacey Branham and Eliza Jane Osborn, and the widow of Andrew Daley.     Mandy and Frank were first cousins and had to go to Tennessee to marry because the State of Arkansas would not allow first cousins to marry.     Franks's mother, Lucinda (Branham) Gloden, and Mandy's father, James Lacey Branham, were brother and sister.

Frank and Mandy appear on the 1910 Searcy County census at Leslie, in Wiley's Cove Township.    The census shows that Frank and Mandy had both been married twice, and had been married to each other for three years.    It also showed Frank working as a day laborer.     Mandy was shown to have given birth to 4 children and 3 of them were still living.      On the census with Frank, Mandy, and their 8-month old daughter, Grace, were two of Frank's children from his first marriage; Gertie, age 14, and Jesse, age 11; and Mandy's son from her first marriage; John Daley, age 12 years.     Living not far from Frank and Mandy were Frank D. Gloden and his wife, Jane H. (Branham) Gloden.     Jane was Frank and Mandy's aunt, being a sister to Frank's mother Lucinda and Mandy's father, James Lacey.    Frank D. Gloden was Frank's uncle, for whom he was named.

The 1920 Searcy County, Wiley's Cove Township, census shows Frank, age 50, working as a laborer in a barrel factory at Leslie.    The census says he owned his property.    On the census with Frank and Mandy were their children Grace and Frank; Frank's son, Jesse; and Mandy's son John Daley.     Also living in the house with them at that time was Frank's daughter, Gertie; her husband Will Branham, and their children Roy, Velma, and Della.

We do not know where Ettie lived after she and Frank divorced in the early 1900's.     We have been told that she lived around the Leslie area after the divorce.    The children lived with Frank, probably because Ettie could not support them on her own.

Ettie married David White on March 25, 1921, in Searcy County, Arkansas.     David White was born about 1886, in Arkansas.     He was first married to Mary Jane Daley, who was a cousin to Frank Gloden.      Mary Jane was the daughter of Mandy Jane Branham, who Frank married after he and Ettie divorced.

The 1930 Van Buren County, Arkansas census, Washington Township, shows Dave White, 47, a farmer who rented his farm; and his wife, Hettie L., 49, first married at 21, born in Illinois, father born in Iowa, mother born in Virginia.      This agrees with the 1900 census which also shows Ettie's father born in Iowa and her mother born in Virginia.

The 1930 Searcy County census, Wiley's Cove Township, shows William F. Gloden, 60, a farmer; Manda J., 48; and son Frank, 16 years old.     Listed with the family was their daughter Lillian Campbell, 20, who married at 19 years of age.

Funeral records from Coffman Funeral Home in Searcy County show that Etta Taylor Gloden White died at Leslie, Searcy County, Arkansas, on May 1, 1945, at the age of 70 years.     She is buried in Pine Grove Cemetery near Leslie, in Searcy County.     She does not have a headstone.

Frank died April 25, 1934, at Leslie, and is buried at Leslie.     Mandy died April 15, 1967, at Marshall, in Searcy County, and is buried in the Mainord (Rambo) Cemetery near Leslie.

Children of William F. Gloden and Ettie Taylor

1. William Penn Gloden was born Nov 8, 1892, probably in Macon Co, IL.     He died Sept 7, 1894, probably at Covington, Tipton Co, TN.

2. Gertrude "Gertie" Mae Adeline Gloden was born Apr 13, 1894, at Covington, Tipton Co, TN.     She married James William Branham.       (our line)

3. Jesse Michael Gloden was born June 10, 1898, at Covington, Tipton Co, TN.     He married Tressie G. Watts on Sept 25, 1920, in Searcy Co, AR.     Tressie Watts was born about 1902, the daughter of John W. Watts.     Jess registered for the World War I draft in 1918 from Searcy Co.     He was working as a mill worker for Cooperage Company in Searcy Co at that time.    Jesse died at Harrison, AR.  

4. "Josey" Gloden was born May 17, 1901, probably in TN.      He died Aug 22, 1902, in either TN or AR.

Children of William F. Gloden and Mandy Branham Daley

5. Harry Alonzo Gloden was born May 31, 1907, at Leslie, Searcy Co, AR.     He died Apr 7, 1908, at Leslie, Searcy Co.

6. Lillian Grace Gloden was born Aug 25, 1909, at Leslie, Searcy Co, AR.

7. Frank G. Gloden was born Aug 8, 1914, at Leslie, Searcy Co, AR.