William Horton

William Horton was born about 1795, in New York. He was the youngest child of Isaac Horton and Hannah Farris.

William's family moved to Montgomery County, Virginia, between about 1800 and 1804. Between 1816 and 1818, the family moved to Anderson County, Tennessee. Prior to 1825, the family moved to Lawrence County, Tennessee.

William married America Cheek around 1820, probably in Tennessee. America Cheek was born about 1802, in Tennessee. We have been told that she was full blood Indian. We have not documented this, however.

The book Early Tennessee Tax List compiled by Sistler, Byron & Barbara, shows Isaac, James, Nathaniel and William Horton paid taxes in Campbell County, Tennessee, in 1823. Although we have no proof at this time, we believe these were Isaac Horton's sons.

The 1830 Wayne County, Tennessee, census shows William, age 30-40 years, with one male age 5-10, one male under 5 years, one female 20-30 (America), and two females under 5 years.

William died in Wayne County in very late 1835 or early 1836. We have been told that William may have died at Iron City, in Wayne County, Tennessee, in a mining accident.

  A deed dated July 27, 1836, and recorded in Record Book B, page 414, in the Wayne County, Tennessee, deed books states, "Elijah Harbour, Sally Kellogge and Samuel Harbour of Wayne and Hardin Counties, Tennessee, to heirs of William Horton, deceased of Wayne County, Tennessee, conveys tract in Range 10, ....".

The 1840 Wayne County census shows America's family as one male age 20-30, one male age 10-15, one female 30-40 (America), one female age 15-20, two females age 10-15, and two females age 5-10. We have been unable to identify one of the females aged 10-15 years.

A court record dated 1848, states, "A settlement between William Jones, Clerk, of this court and Isaac W. Horton Guardian of Sarah C. Reeves, Martha J. Fisher, George W. Horton and Mary A. Horton, minor heirs of William Horton, deceased, has this day presented to the Court, which was received by the Court and ordered to be recorded." This document makes us believe that Sarah C. Horton, was not yet 21 at that time.

  Court records show that William's eldest son, Isaac W. Horton, was named guardian of William's minor children. Records further show that in the August 1849 court term, "Isaac W. Horton, Guardian of Martha Jane Fisher, George W. Horton and Mary Ann Horton" appeared before the Court and "renewed his bond in the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars, with Peter H. Horton and Thomas P. Cash his securities........."

We have been told that America Cheek Horton married Jesse Helton sometime after 1840. The 1870 Wayne County census shows America Horton, age 67, living with her son George Willis Horton and his family. We believe she died between 1870 and 1880. William is believed to be buried in the Horton Cemetery on upper Indian Creek. The grave of America is unknown.

Four of William and America's children moved their families to Searcy County, Arkansas between about 1880 and 1885. We believe they moved about 1881, with our line of the Horton family.

Children of William Horton and America Cheek

1. Isaac W. A. Horton, b. 1822, TN

2. Charlotte Horton, b. 1824, TN

3. Sarah C. Horton, b. abt 1828, TN; m. Calvin J. Reaves, son of Ozburn Reaves and Ester H. Osteen

4. George Willis Horton, b. 1829, TN

5. Martha Jane Horton, b. 1831, TN

6. Mary Ann Horton, b. 1833, TN