Robert Lewis Cargile

Robert Lewis Cargile was born December 7, 1814, in Christian County, Kentucky.   He was the son of John Cargill, III and Nancy Elizabeth Lewis.

Robert married Margaret Parmelia Plant on February 7, 1837, in Hickman County, Kentucky. Margaret Plant was born about 1815, the daughter of William H. Plant and Mary (last name unknown).    Margaret's sister, Mary Plant, married Robert's brother, Delemore Burvel Cargile.

Robert and Margaret moved their family to Arkansas about 1837, with several other families. Robert first appears on the 1838 tax list for Johnson County, Arkansas. Also on the 1838 Johnson County tax list was his father John Cargill.

  The 1840 Searcy County, Arkansas census, which lists him as Lewis, shows one male 20-30; one female 20-30; and one female under 5. His father and brother, Nenion, and their families are living near Robert.

Margaret died about 1848-1849, probably near Quitman, in Conway County, Arkansas.

Robert moved his family to Conway County, Arkansas, prior to 1850. The 1850 Conway County census shows the family in Benton Township near Quitman, living next to his brother Edward. The census shows R. L, 35, a farmer, born in Kentucky; Elizabeth, 11, born in Kentucky; Charles, 9, born in Arkansas; M. A., 7, born in Arkansas; Sarah, 5, born in Arkansas and Lucinda, 2, born in Arkansas. The census shows Robert had real property valued at $200.

Robert married Hannah Elizabeth Livingston about 1850-1851. Hannah was born October 7, 1824, in Alabama.

Robert moved his family to Springfield, in Union Township of Conway County about 1851-1853, where he became a prosperous land owner and businessman.

Robert served six years as Sheriff of Conway County, from 1854-1860.

The book, Reminiscences and Biographical Memoirs of Conway County, mentions the Venable, Cargile, Hinkle, Jones, Connor, Wright, Wood, Hanna, Ford, Duncan, Westerfield, Herrod, Moore, Moses, McClure and Smith families as being early settlers of Springfield, who "gave life to the town."

 The 1860 Conway County, Union Township census shows R. L., 46, a farmer; Hannah, 36, born in Alabama; Charles J., 18, a farmer; Monte Q. A., 16; Sarah A., 14; Hannah A., 9, born in Arkansas; Lydia K., 5, born in Arkansas and Mary E., 10 months old, born in Arkansas.   Living with them was Andrew A. Livingston, 24, deputy sheriff, born in Alabama, and Bill Hawkins, 40, a carpenter, born in Tennessee.   Andrew Livingston was probably Hannah's brother.  Robert's real property was valued at $5000 and his personal property at $5000.

Robert owned and operated a dry goods store at Springfield, beginning in the early 1860's. He and a Mr. Moses became partners in the business, which at one time was known as Cargile & Moses. Because of the Civil War, the store closed operations for a time, but resumed operation after the war ended. Robert apparently bought out Mr. Moses' part in the business around 1870. In 1874, Mildridge L. Asbury, a former clerk in the store, became a new partner in the business and the name was changed to Cargile & Asbury. Robert was still a partner in the business when he died in 1880.

The 1870 Conway County census shows the family at Springfield, in Union Township. The census shows R. L., 55, dry goods merchant; Hannah, 46, born in Alabama; Sarah, 25; Elizabeth, 12; Kelly, 10 and Catharine, 4, born in Arkansas. Living with the family was Thomas Cargil, 14, a domestic servant, born in Arkansas.

The 1880 Conway County census shows the family still at Springfield in Union Township. The census shows R. L., 66, retired merchant; Hannah, 56, born in Alabama; Sarah A., 35; Martha C., 16; Katie D., 13 and Cora Hinkle, 10, granddaughter, born in Arkansas. Living with the family was John Huffwise, 45, a servant & gardener; William W. Martin, 40, boarder, dry goods dealer, born in Tennessee and W. L. Cantrell, 24, boarder, a store clerk, born in Georgia.

Robert died June 19, 1880, at Springfield. He is buried in the Springfield Cemetery.

Hannah operated a boarding house in Springfield at one time. In 1890, Hannah was operating one of two hotels in Springfield.

Hannah appears on the 1900 Conway County census, at Springfield. The census shows Hannah, 75, born October 1824 in Tennessee (note: previously she was listed as being born in Alabama), had given birth to 9 children, but only 4 were still living; Sarah A., 54, step daughter, born January 1846, single and Alice Smith, 15, granddaughter, born December 1884.

Hannah died at Springfield on February 3, 1907. She is buried beside Robert in the Springfield Cemetery.

Children of Robert Lewis Cargile and Margaret Plant

1. Sabre Elizabeth Cargile, b. Dec 20, 1838, KY

2. Charles J. Cargile, b. abt 1841, Searcy Co, AR

3. Montigue A. Cargile, b. abt 1843,  Searcy Co or Conway Co, AR

4. Sarah A. Cargile, b. Jan 1846, Searcy Co or Conway Co, AR; never married

5. Lucinda Cargile, b. abt 1848, probably Conway Co, AR; d. 1851-1858, Conway Co, AR

Children of Robert Lewis Cargile and Hannah Livingston

6. Hannah Almena Cargile, b. Mar 15, 1852, Conway Co, AR

7. Lydia K. Cargile, b. abt 1855, Conway Co, AR; d. 1861-1868, Springfield, Conway Co, AR

8. Mary Elizabeth Cargile, b. July 28, 1859, Springfield, Conway Co, AR

9. Martha Kellie Cargile, b. Feb 8, 1862, Springfield, Conway Co, AR

10. Catherine D. "Katie" Cargile, b. abt 1866, Springfield, Conway Co, AR; m. A. C. Smith on July 4, 1883, Conway Co.