John Michael Gloden

John Michael Gloden was born April 18, 1867, at Decatur, in Macon County, Illinois. He was the son of Michael Gloden and Lucinda Adaline Branham.

John Michael, age three, appears on the 1870 Macon County census, in Decatur Township, with his parents and one year old brother, William.

  John Michael's mother died in 1878, when he was about eleven years old. His father married again in 1880. The 1880 Macon County census, Decatur Township, shows Michael Gloden, 48, a farmer; Margaret, 26; John, 18, works on farm; William F., 18, works on farm; Margaret R., 8; Mary J., 7 and James M., 5 years old.

  John Michael married Lillie Coulter on February 26, 1890, at Decatur. Lillie Coulter was born February 2, 1870, in Weldon, Illinois, the daughter of William F. Coulter and Elizabeth Stone.

William Coulter's family appears on the 1880 Macon County, Illinois, Oakley Township census. The census shows William Coulter, 32, a miller, born in Illinois, father and mother born in South Carolina; Elizabeth J., wife, 33, born in Tennessee, father and mother born in Tennessee; Lillie, daughter, 10, born in Illinois; Minnie, daughter, 8, born in Illinois; and Della, 7, born in Illinois.

The 1900 Macon County, Illinois census shows John Gloden's family living in Whitmore Township, not far from the area where John Michael's father was living. The census lists John, age 33; Lillie, age 30; Mary, 9; Lizzie 6; Leslie, 5; and Barton, 1 month old.

John Michael and Lillie lived at Decatur, for several years. Seven of their children were born at Decatur. Between 1902 and 1906, the family moved to Forsythe, near Decatur, in Macon County, Illinois, and in February 1910 John Michael moved his family to Texas County, Oklahoma, for health reasons.

  The family appears on the 1910 Texas County, Oklahoma census in Sledgeville Township. Both the 1920 and 1930 Texas County, Oklahoma census show the family living in Camp Keltner Township.

  John Michael was a farmer all his life. He also raised prize cattle in later years.

  Lillie Gloden died March 26, 1936, at Guymon, in Texas County, Oklahoma. John Michael died March 27, 1948, at Bart, in Texas County.

Children of John Michael Gloden and Lillie Coulter

1. Mary Ellen Gloden, b. 1891, Decatur, Macon Co, IL

2. Elizabeth Anna Gloden, b. 1892, Decatur, Macon Co, IL

3. Leslie Wayne Gloden, b. 1895, Macon Co, IL

4. Infant Daughter Gloden, b. Sept 29, 1896, Decatur, Macon Co, IL; d. Oct 14, 1896, Decatur

5. Barton Farrell Gloden, b. 1899, Macon Co, IL

6. Virgil Floyd Gloden, b. 1901, Macon Co, IL

7. Willis Raymond Gloden, b. 1902, Macon Co, IL

8. Edward Michael Gloden, b. June 21, 1906, Forsythe, Macon Co, IL; d. June 5, 1970, Dumas, TX; bur. Guymon, OK; m. Mary Libby

9. Opal Fern Gloden, b. 1907, Macon Co, IL

10. Dorothy Muriel Gloden, b. Guymon, Texas Co, OK