Nathaniel Horton

My great-great-great grandfather, Nathaniel Horton, was born about 1790, in New York, probably in Ulster County. He was the son of Isaac Horton and Hannah Farris. It is possible Nathaniel's middle name was Ananias, but this has not yet been proven.

Nathaniel's family moved to Montgomery County, Virginia, between about 1800 and 1804. Nathaniel's two sisters married in Montgomery County in January 1805 and December 1806. Court records show the family moved to Anderson County, Tennessee, between about 1816 and 1818.

Nathaniel married my great-great-great grandmother, Malinda Atkinson, about 1818, probably in Anderson County, Tennessee. Malinda Atkinson was born about 1800, in North Caroline, the daughter of William Nathaniel Atkinson and Celia Elizabeth Prince. We believe Cynthia Atkinson, who married Nathaniel's cousin, James William Horton, was a sister to Malinda.

The book, Early Tennessee Tax List, compiled by Sistler, Byron & Barbara, shows that Isaac, James, Nathaniel and William Horton paid taxes in Campbell County, Tennessee, in 1823. We believe this was our Nathaniel and his three brothers, but have been unable to prove this idea.

 Records show that Nathaniel's father, Isaac, was in Lawrence County, Tennessee, prior to 1825. It is possible that Nathaniel was also in Lawrence County at that time. Lawrence County is located just to the east of Wayne County, Tennessee. Nathaniel's family appears on the 1830 and 1840 Wayne County census.

Nathaniel died about August 1848, in Wayne County. Court minutes of Wayne County recorded in September 1848, state, "Came Rial Brewer, Executer of the Estate of Nathaniel Horton, deceased, and returned into Court an account of sales and of notes and accounts that has come into his hands as the law directs, which was received by the Court and ordered to be recorded".

Nathaniel was buried in the Isaac Horton Cemetery, located on the hill behind Isaac Horton's log house. Nathaniel was buried near the foot of his mother's grave. A fieldstone marks his gravesite. A few years later, Nathaniel's father, Isaac, would be buried beside Hannah, and Nathaniel's grave would be at Isaac's feet.

Malinda continued to live in Wayne County after Nathaniel's death. The 1850 Wayne County census shows Malinda with seven of her children. Her real property was valued at $600.

On December 6, 1867, Malinda Horton signed a deed in which she gave John W. Lay and P. G. Horton all her material property in exchange for them caring for her the rest of her life. The deed is recorded in Wayne County Deed Book L, page 77.

The 1870 Wayne County census shows Malinda, age 65, head of the household. Living with her was Caroline Fox Horton, age 15 years.

Malinda died in 1880, in Wayne County. She is buried beside Nathaniel in the Isaac Horton Cemetery. A fieldstone marks her gravesite.

Children of Nathaniel Horton and Malinda Atkinson

1. Mary Horton, b. 1819, TN

2. William Melvin P. Horton, b. abt 1823, TN

3. Hannah Horton, b. 1828, TN

4. George S. Horton, b. abt 1829, Wayne Co, TN

5. Nathaniel H. Horton, b. 1831, Wayne Co, TN (my line)

6. Peter Gales Horton, b. 1833, Wayne Co, TN

7. Malinda Caroline Horton, b. 1836, Wayne Co, TN

8. Isaac James Horton, b. abt 1839, Wayne Co, TN

9. Nancy Catherine Horton, b. abt 1841, Wayne Co, TN

10. Stephen Horton, b. abt 1843, Wayne Co, TN

11. Sarah A. Horton, b. March 1846, Wayne Co, TN