James Crow

James Crow was born November 11, 1713, in St. George's Parish, Baltimore County, Maryland, the only child of John Crow and Mary (last name unknown -- some researchers believe Unick).

James' mother died when he was only five days old. James father married twice more and produced children by at least one of those unions.

James Crow married Hannah Simpson on November 16, 1738, in St. George's Parish. Hannah Simpson was born January 30, 1721/22, in Baltimore County, Maryland, the daughter of William Simpson and Elizabeth Preble.

Two children were born to James and Hannah. Hannah died March 1, 1742, in Baltimore County.

James married Grace Denson on February 7, 1743, in Baltimore County. Grace Denson was born about 1722, in Baltimore County, the daughter of William Denson and Mary (last name unknown).

James moved his family to Orange County, North Carolina, prior to 1750. He appears on the 1755 tax list of Orange County, where he paid two poll taxes.

James settled in the Hillsborough District of Orange County. This area was divided and Chatham County was formed in 1770. James owned large amounts of farm land in the fertile Piedmont Plateau, between Greensboro and Raleigh, along and near the Haw River. He also owned a large number of slaves who worked the land for him.

Chatham County court records show that in 1781, Crow's Ferry was in operation, providing ferriage across the Haw River. We do not know if James had an interest in the Ferry, or if it was operated by another part of the family.

The 1790 Chatham County, Hillsborough District, North Carolina, census shows James with two white females in his household, one of whom we assume is his wife Grace.

Grace probably died between 1790 and 1792. On July 16, 1792, James signed his will and Grace is not mentioned, so we know she was already deceased at that time.

James had at least eleven children from his two marriages. Nine of his children are named in his will, as are the heirs of another child already deceased.

We have been told that James died July 16, 1794, in Chatham County. His will was not probated until the February 1795 session of the Probate Court, however, so he may have died later than the date given to us.

Children of James Crow and Hannah Simpson

1. John Crow, b. 1740, Baltimore Co, MD

2. Mary Crow, b. July 22, 1741, St. George's Parish, Baltimore Co, MD; d. before July 1792, as she is not named in her father's will; if she m. she produced no children

Children of James Crow and Grace Denson

3. James Crow, b. abt 1748

4. Joshua Crow, b. abt 1749, probably Orange Co, NC

5. Stephen Crow, b. 1749/50, Orange Co, NC

6. Ruben Crow, b. abt 1752, Orange Co, NC

7. Abraham Able Crow, b. abt 1756, Orange Co, NC

8. William Crow, b. abt 1758, Orange Co, NC

9. Isaac Crow, b. 1759, Orange Co, NC

10. Hannah Crow, b. abt 1760, Orange Co, NC

11. Abba Riller Crow, b. abt 1762, Orange Co, NC