Joseph Nation Endicott

My 3rd great grandfather, Joseph Nation Endicott, was born February 18, 1795, in North Carolina, the son of Joseph Endicott IV and Welmet Nation.

Joseph Nation served in the War of 1812 in Captain Coleman's Company, from August 1813 to November 1813. He enlisted in Harrison County, Kentucky. He fought in the Battle of the Thames.

Joseph married my 3rd great grandmother, Elizabeth Varner, about 1815, in Kentucky. Elizabeth Varner was born about 1797, in Kentucky, the daughter of Jacob Varner and Sarah Ficklin.

We believe the family moved to Indiana around 1820, although we did not locate them anywhere on the 1820 census. Joseph and his family appear on the 1830 and 1840 Posey County, Indiana census. The 1840 census shows Joseph and his wife with eleven of their children. The 1850 Posey County census shows Joseph, Elizabeth and children George, age 30; Samuel, age 18; Elizabeth, age 16; Welmet, age 14; America, age 12; and Martin V., age 10, living in New Harmony Township. The census shows Joseph had real estate valued at $2000 and was a carpenter by trade, as was his son, George. Mabel McCloskey's book says Joseph had a sawmill.

The 1860 Posey County, Harmony Township census shows Joseph, 65, a farmer and a miller, with real estate valued at $9000 and personal property valued at $2500; Elizabeth, 64; and their grandchildren Marshall, 14 and Raymond 10. These were children of their eldest son.

Elizabeth is said to have died about 1870, in Ewing Township of Franklin County, Illinois. Joseph Nation died there on June 24, 1874.

Children of Joseph N. Endicott and Elizabeth Varner

1. John H. Endicott, b. abt 1816, KY

2. James M. Endicott, b. abt 1818, KY

3. George W. Endicott, b. abt 1820, IN

4. William H. Endicott, b. abt 1820, IN

5. Joseph C. Endicott, b. abt 1822, IN; m. Eliza Ann Williams on Dec 21, 1843

6. Arvis Endicott, b. abt 1823, IN; m. Cynthia Johnson (?)

7. Sarah Endicott, b. abt 1826, IN

8. Emily Endicott, b. 1827, Posey Co, IN

9. Charles Endicott, b. abt 1829, Posey Co, IN; d. 1903

10. Samuel S. Endicott, b, 1831, Posey Co, IN

11. Elizabeth Endicott, b. abt 1834, Posey Co, IN; m. Wilson Harmon (my line)

12. Welmet N. Endicott, b. 1836, Posey Co, IN

13. America Endicott, b. abt 1838, Posey Co, IN

14. Martin Van Endicott, b. abt 1840, Posey Co, IN