Joseph Endicott IV

My 4th great grandfather, Joseph Endicott IV, was born about 1775, in North Carolina, the son of Joseph Endicott III and name unknown.

Joseph married my 4th great grandmother, Welmet Nation, on January 28, 1792, in Stokes County, North Carolina. Welmet Nation was born about 1772, in North Carolina. Welmet Nation may have been the daughter of Joseph Nation and Jerretta Vickery, but this has not yet been proven.

Joseph moved his family to Kentucky prior to 1797. Records indicate one of Joseph and Welmet's sons was born in 1797, in Kentucky. Joseph signed a bond in Bourbon County, Kentucky, on November 18, 1801, for his sister, Eunice, who was under age, to marry.

  Mable McCloskey says in her book that Joseph bought land in Nicholas County, Kentucky in 1807. Joseph was a farmer. The family appears on the 1820 and 1830 Nicholas County census.

Joseph filed suit on March 25, 1833, in Nicholas County, against Richard Young for a quiet title to the land he purchased in 1807. Joseph died in Nicholas County about July 1833, and the suit was revived in 1834. Kentucky records show that Joseph N. Endicott and Amanda Endicott of Posey County, Indiana, heirs of Joseph Endicott, deceased, late of Nicholas County, Kentucky, appointed John Endicott of Montgomery County, Indiana, their true and lawful attorney as of July 1, 1838, also that John Endicott of Montgomery County, Indiana, was given power of attorney by William Endicott, John and Maria Booher, Welmet Endicott, Samuel Endicott and Jonathan G. Cooper and wife Elizabeth, all of the State of Indiana, as of September 30, 1837. The estate was settled in 1838.

Welmet married Joseph's nephew, Moses Endicott, son of Joseph's brother, Thomas Endicott, on March 27, 1834, in Harrison County, Kentucky. Moses lived only a couple of months after their marriage, however. He died May 8, 1834.

Welmet moved to Montgomery County, Indiana, in 1834. She remained in Montgomery County about three years, then moved to Posey County, Indiana. She appears on the 1840 Posey County census, living alone. She is listed as being 60-70 years of age. Welmet appears on the 1850 Posey County census living with her son, John Endicott. She is listed as 75 years of age. Welmet died after October 1855.

Children of Joseph Endicott IV and Welmet Nation

1. William Harrison Endicott, b. 1792, NC

2. Joseph Nation Endicott, b. 1795, NC (my line)

3. John H. Endicott, b. 1797, KY

4. Mary Endicott, b. abt 1799, KY

5. Eliza Jane Endicott, b. abt 1800, KY; may have died young

6. Samuel Endicott, b. abt 1803, Nicholas Co, KY

7. Emily Endicott, b. abt 1808, Nicholas Co, KY

8. Amanda Endicott, b, abt 1812, Nicholas Co, KY

9. Maria Endicott, b. 1815, Nicholas Co, KY

10. Elizabeth Endicott, b. 1817, KY

11. America Endicott, b. 1818, KY