Hail Maxey

My 3rd great grandfather, Hail Maxey, was born 1769, in Bedford County, Virginia.  He was the eldest of twelve children born to Jeremiah Maxey and Mourning Hail.

Hail married my 3rd great grandmother, Dicey Craighead on November 3, 1789, in Bedford County, Virginia. Dicey Craighead was born about 1768, in Virginia, the daughter of John Craighead and Jane Leodicea "Dicia" Maxey. Dicey and Hail were first cousins, as Hail's father, Jeremiah Maxey, and Dicey's mother, Jane "Dicia" Maxey,were brother and sister.

Hail's name first appeared in the personal property tax records of Franklin County, Virginia in 1791.  (Note: He was probably the other taxable over 21 included with his father on the taxable list in 1790.)  

      A deed was recorded in Franklin County on April 13, 1793, showing Hail Maxey bought 100 acres on Gills Creek adjoining the lands of Matthew and Jesse Agee from Richard Booth for 30 pounds.   The deed was re-recorded on January 15, 1798, with the addition of "witnesses John Maxey, John Law, Shelton Craghead and Thomas Solsberry."    On March 31, 1797, Richard Booth sold Hail an additional 60 acres adjoining the Agees' land.

     Franklin County records of 1798 show that Hail was a constable in Franklin County.  

     Hail's name appeared on the tax books of Franklin County until 1802. 

     On November 5, 1802, Hail and Dicey sold the 100-acre tract on Gills Creek to Silas Garrett.   

     On January 20, 1803, Hail purchased 100 acres of land on Sandy Creek in Oglethorpe County, Georgia, adjoining the land of his father, Jeremiah.

     On July 6, 1806, Hail was appointed administrator of the estate of his deceased brother, Stephen, in Oglethorpe County.   Hail was bonded in the amount of $1000.

     Information obtained from Mary Ann Million, a Craighead descendant, shows that Hail purchased six parcels of 202 1/2 acres each in Wilkinson County, Georgia, in 1808.  He sold five of these tracts prior to 1817. 

     In his father's will, which was signed June 4, 1810, Hail was to receive an equal part of the remainder of Jeremiah's estate.

  Information from Mary Ann Million also shows that Hail purchased an additional 600 acres of land on Sandy Creek, in Oglethorpe County, on January 8, 1812.  He then purchased an adjoining 34 acres, including a grist mill, on August 29, 1812.  Hail purchased another tract of 43 acres in 1812 and 100 acres in 1814, the latter deed being witnessed by his son Stephen.   On January 10, 1815, Hail Maxey "of Oglethorpe Co, GA", appointed his friend James L. Hail "of Franklin Co, VA", as his attorney "to receive all rents" on his 60 acres on the big branch of Blackwater.   One of the witnesses to this appointment was Hail's son William.    On May 17, 1816 Hail was bound to the trustees of the University of Georgia for $160 in payment for 34 3/4 acres on Falling Creek, in Oglethorpe County.   On March 3, 1821, James L. Hail, acting on behalf of Hail Maxey, sold to Thomas Odineal "approximately 40 acres lying on the waters of Staunton and the Blackwater River".

     In 1821, Hail sold 184 acres on Falling Creek to his son-in-law, Amos Shaw.   In 1823, he sold 194 acres in the same area to his brother-in-law, Thomas Fambrough.   

     Hail finally had two successful draws in the 1832 Cherokee Land Lottery, obtaining tracts in Gilmer County and Walker County, Georgia.   Hail's son Bennett, our great-great grandfather, lived in Walker County at a later date.

     The 1840 Oglethorpe County census, District 234, shows Hail Maxey, a male 60-69 (b. 1771-1780) and one female 60-69.   Living next to them was their son Bennett Hail Maxey and his family.   Also listed on the same page of the census was their son Boaz (spelled Booze on the census) Maxey and his family.  

     Dicey died between 1841 and April 7, 1845, in Oglethorpe County.   

     Hail signed his will in Oglethorpe County on April 7, 1845.   

     In his will Hail left (in addition to what he had already given them) $1.00 each to his children: "William Maxcey, Delilah Fambrough, Sarah Shaw, Stephen Maxcey, Elizabeth Degraphenread, Jane Jacks, the heirs of his deceased daughter Nancy Connel, Bennett H. Maxcey and Melinda M. Wilkes."  The balance of his estate after payment of his debts was to be sold and the proceeds equally divided between grandchildren Aaron H. Wilkes and Martha Mahala Ann Connel.   Jesse Maxey and Franklin C. Campbell were appointed as his executors, and John H. Maxey, Boaz Maxey and Daniel Zuber were the witnesses.    (Note: Hail's grandchildren Aaron H. Wilkes and Martha Mahala Ann Connel, who were 1st cousins, married on 14 May 1846, in Oglethorpe County.) 

     Hail died between June and September, 1849, in Oglethorpe County.   His will was proved in September 1849.

Children of Hail Maxey and Dicey Craighead

1. William Maxey, b. Apr 14, 1791, Franklin Co, VA

2. Delilah Maxey, b. 1792, Franklin Co, VA

3. Sarah Maxey, b. Sept 30, 1793, Franklin Co, VA

4. Stephen Maxey, b. abt 1797, Franklin Co, VA

5. Elizabeth Maxey, b. abt 1800, probably Franklin Co, VA

6. Jane Maxey, b. abt 1802, Oglethrope Co, GA

7. Nancy Maxey, b. abt 1806, Oglethorpe Co, GA

8. Bennett Hail Maxey, b. 1808, Oglethorpe Co, GA (my line)

9. Melinda Matilda Maxey, b. 1810, Oglethorpe Co, GA