My Varner family originated in Germany. The spelling "Varner" is said to be a French version of the German patronymic name "Werner". It is probable the name was originally spelled "Werner".

Early immigration records include Andrew Warner who immigrated to Massachusetts in 1632; Henry Warner who immigrated to Virginia in 1637; John Warner who immigrated to Virginia in 1661; James Warner who immigrated to Virginia in 1662; John Warner who immigrated to America in 1752; Peter Warner who immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1743; George Adam Varner who immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1736 at the age of 26; and George Varner who immigrated to New England in 1753.

Much of the early genealogy contained here was contributed by other researchers, including Mary Cole and Maureen Hyde. My sincere thanks to them for sharing their information with me.

I am told that my 5th great grandfather was Adam Varner, who married my 5th great grandmother, Christina R. (last name unknown). There is varying information on the date of birth and marriage of Adam and Christina. Some IGI information records show Adam married Christina Rexroad about 1766, in Highland County, Virginia. Other IGI records show Adam and Christina married in 1769 in Germany. Other IGI information suggests they married as early as 1755. We do not know when or where they married. Micki Donnelly, in her book on the Varner family, does not give a last name for Christina, nor does she give a marriage date. Adam and Christina are thought to have both been born in Germany. Records vary widely on the dates of birth for Adam and Christina. We have seen Adam's date of birth recorded from 1730 to 1746, and Christina's date of birth recorded from 1730 to 1748.

Adam and Christina settled in Virginia where several, if not all, of their children were born. Records of Shenandoah County, Virginia show the birth of their son John on September 2, 1772. Adam is named in a list of tithables in Augusta County, Virginia in April 1782. His family shows one white tithable over 21 and one white tithable over 16 years of age. Three horses and nine head of cattle were listed as his taxable property. We have been told Adam also appears on the 1785 tithables list with two horses and eight head of cattle, and that his son Adam, Jr. is listed below his father as a white tithable under the age of 21 years.

Adam apparently settled in Pendleton County, Virginia about 1785, according to an account in History of Highland County by Oren F. Morton, 1911, that says Adam had settled near the county line on Bushy Fork. Children listed in the account are Joseph, Peter, George, Conrad, Jane, John, Catharine, Abraham and Regina.

Adam, Christina and children Conrad, Jane, George, John, Catharine, Abraham and Jacob are named in the book History of Pendleton County, West Virginia by Oren F. Morton, 1911. Court records show Adam was in Pendleton County before 1788.

On December 24, 1799 Adam was granted a land patent in Pendleton County on 300 acres on Bushy Fork.

Adam appears on the 1810 Pendleton County census. The census shows one male age over 45; one male 16-25; one female over 45; one female 16-25; and two females under the age of 10 years.

We believe Adam died between 1810 and 1820. Christina died between 1824 and 1830. Some IGI records indicate she died in 1827, in Highland County, Virginia.

Records vary widely on the dates of birth on the children. The dates shown are our estimates based on tax, marriage, census and other assorted records.

Children of Adam Varner and Christina

1. Adam Varner, Jr., b. 1755-1768

2. Henry Varner, b. 1755-1768

3. Conrad Varner, b. 1765-1770

4. Abraham Varner, b. 1765-1770

5. Peter Varner, b. 1765-1770

6. Jacob Varner, b. 1768-1771 (my line)

7. John Varner, b. 1772, Shenandoah Co, VA

8. George Varner, b. 1774, Shenandoah Co, VA

9. Catherine Varner, b. abt 1780

10. Margaret Jane "Peggy" Varner, b. 1780-1785; m. Joseph Blagg

11. Regina Elizabeth Varner, b. 1782-1784

12. Joseph Varner, b. 1783-1785


I am not a professional genealogist and although I have researched much of the information found at this site, some of it was given to me by other researchers and may not have been documented. Each bit of information found here should be carefully researched and proved or disproved by you, the researcher. Researchers may copy information found at this site for their own personal use and to share with other researchers or genealogical organizations. Any commercial use or distribution without the written consent of this author is prohibited.

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